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Weekly TOS/building gripe.

It’s bad enough Knoob river looks like most of Florida, now some one has went through and set land claim platforms every place on the river they can.

Should I report it? Is it a TOS violation? Well clearly but that doesn’t make any difference now does it? In an hours run on my server I found 5 different people obviously braking building TOS. Did I report them? No. No reason to. If it’s not a PVP server and a hack funcom wont do anything. If blocking a boss spawn isn’t a TOS violation no building is. And if funcom wont enforce TOS rules why even have them? Or a way to report them?

So Funcom, if you are not going to actively enforce the TOS remove it. And with it removed there is no point of a reporting system, so remove it as well. Save us from getting our expectations up you might actually do something about it :roll_eyes:

Forum posts: Funcom keeps banning everyone.
Also Forums posts: Funcom never bans anyone.

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Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: