It's Nerf or Nothing


No one did… Even the response I got from Funcom was: “it was made, because 2h weapons got re-balanced”.

Its not a normal 2h weapon. Its more or less a 1h-axe :smiley:

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Nope, more balance posts have to do with PvP only.
The care bears just play and frolic about with out a care in the world.

Realtalk though - what if something actually just needs to be nerfed? Why does funcom even insist on putting items like this in the game in the first place? Funcom doesn’t pvp, they barely even pve. Nobody in their right mind puts the items they put into the game.

Man, just look at the gas arrow bug. Anyone with 3 brain cells would have encountered that in quality testing. It’s easily repeatable, and something a player would naturally do. “I’m being overwhelmed, maybe I’ll move somewhere safer and attack from range”. Never got tested, ships live with a maelstrom bug (the core mechanic of the map) that crashes servers unintentionally. Or the fact that dungeon chests for some reason don’t refresh along with the dungeon or the boss, they’re all on separate unrelated timers, so you can frequently run through dungeons to find no boss, no chest, or missing both.

There’s basically 0 quality assurance. Hotfixes, then hotfixes to fix the hotfixes. Then you get the absolutely bonkers team behind putting weapons like the gouging axe/healing spear/waterskin/etc, it’s all so schizophrenic. Why would they completely revamp the heal system, then put in an item that completely overrides that heal system knowing it won’t work and they’ll wind up patching it? Why did they cut the gathering rates in half on official servers just to make pve easier to balance without causing pvp issues, instead of just dealing with pvp issues?

Because Funcom. There’s a reason why 90% of the problems in funcom games are described as “yeah it got funcommed”. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s a behavioral pattern that is so unique to funcom that you can’t even use a word that isn’t the company itself to describe it. That miserable combination of no direction, total lack of quality assurance, the pump and dump business model, the gamebreaking bugs that never get fixed… lots of companies do this, but only funcom does all of this every single time.

So yeah I mean I’m sorry they nerfed your waterskin, but I’ve got chinese dudes walking through my walls in my gamemode and they’ve forcibly crashed our server 8 times today so they can dupe items. I know the sword of crom doing marginally less damage is something pve’ers will never let go, but our gamemode is actually completely unplayable so… I can’t even bring myself to care at this point. The priorities of the company and its largely pve playerbase are so stupid.


i don’t know if funcom knows it, but there’s still overpowered weapons on some servers…
when the buff oil came, there was a bug you might remind, that the buffs stacks every server restart.
they fixed this after more than a week.
so there are people overthere with 4x harvest rate tools, weapons with 100% armor penetration, weapons with more than 200 damage and things like this XD
the game looks like it’s still on early access…
They are working on a Dune game… Dune is an amazing setting, but the game will be full of flaws like Conan exiles. As you said, it’s Funcommed. It’s a joke for everyone who plays this.
When a new survival or hybrid game with a similar setting (old age, classic age, medieval…) comes, conan exiles will be doomed.

Yeah and don’t forget all the bodyvaults with old duped up god tokens and pets that still have tokens hidden in their inventories. But, that’s funcom, it’s pump and dump. Sell the game, once they have your money, move to the next game.

Unfortunately, Conan Exiles will be one of the few sword and sorcery genre games out there that don’t default to generic midieval. Absolute wasted potential, but whatever. Most of the pvp’ers I know are done with this game. Not worth spending any more time on it if funcom is tuned out.

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At least this god tokens issue they fixed. The old avatar summoning tokens turned into garbage.
They create new item ids for the tokens.
Bodyvaults and familyshare are still a problem.
I have at least 3 bodies on each server i’ve passed full of loot. My clan mates has too as well as other clans/players

I can’t simply say what is their problem in regards of patches or testing because i’m not an emplyee, but if i could really guess, its the testing methods. Some developers test their game by playing it, or rely too much on playtesters even. It might sound stupid to say it, but this can be a problem. When you add new mechanics, everything that has even the slightest connection with said overhaul needs to be tested. You can’t simply create a new character, pretend to be a player and test the changes through your average conan sitting, its not enough. If you do that, these massive oversights happen, because people play differently and no person uses everything the game has to offer. Perhaps no one gave a sh*it about this waterskin and during the playtest (as expected) no one thought about it because surprise, it never mattered for them.

Corrected some wrong info

Wrong wrong… Only healing waterskin came with Siptah Beta. Where also the revamp of the healing came.

@Ceronesthes is 100% right… Many people at Funcom really have no clue, what they are even doing. Or why they are doing xyz, because it contradicts many other things (heavy armor gets useful -> add weapon which bypass ALL armor, etc).

No one there, plays the game NORMALY. Just look at the dev streams -> godmode and admin spawn in everything.
They even run around in tuned up values… Just look at some videos and for how long their torches live. Like when they presented the Khari dungeon…

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Yupp, this is called “regression testing” in software development. And this is a tedious task. But developers can create automated unit tests to help with regression testing. If you write tests first before implementing a feature, it’s called test driven development. And this is a very good quality assurance method done by the developer.

I know that game development is harder than normal software development, but I am pretty sure Unreal Engine 4 offers some kind of unit test framework.

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Tried looking it up, seems like there was one other waterskin that simply had more storage capacity, its also legendary. This is probably what i had in mind

Yeah, I only use the Khari waterskin. There was another better waterskin at the southest cave (Deep drink Waterskin).

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Even when FC did test to find out f.e. the waterskin crap or the Annihlator and Worldbreaker nightmare, its a waste of MONEY!!!

The items dont drop from sky. Someone has to make graphics, texts, attribute values, etc. and then the item gets more or less rendered useless…

So why even add such items in the game? Why all the work for such items? Its just wasting money and resources.

Yeah in the end you are correct. But the real question is though:
“Why did they fail to rebalance these items properly?”

Because they went the easy and cheap way: Just nerf it into uselessness. (saves them design time and coding time)

Instead of redesigning it… Hence I say “rebalance”. It doesn’t necessarily just mean “nerf”.

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there is one op weapon that is uber counter to any healing, not gonna say it loud cause they gonna nerf it too lmao.

While I don’t think disparaging the devs is okay, I also never understood the logic behind Lifeblood Spear and the healing water skin. The best I can come up with is that the team still has occasional moments of “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we did this?” And they go with it because they know they can change things later :man_shrugging:

I’m thinking that was a problem with how they organized the closed beta.

First, I’m not sure they selected the testers properly. I, for one, don’t like cheesing the AI. If you give me new mechanics to test and I’m frustrated by the difficulty of obtaining something through grinding, my solution would be to give you feedback that asks you to adjust the grind. I most likely wouldn’t think of solving it myself through cheesing. I wasn’t in the closed beta, but it’s no stretch to assume most of the players they selected shared this trait.

Second, they didn’t guide the beta test properly. I know who three of the testers were. Two said “nah, I didn’t care for the Maelstrom thing so I didn’t play with it a lot” and third never said anything on that topic. Maybe that’s “just 2 out of N” players, but the fact remains that they shouldn’t have had any players who failed to properly engage with one of the core game mechanics they were trying to test.

In short, if you’re going to do a closed beta, do at least one of the following, hopefully both:

  • Organize it properly by giving players testing goals (e.g. “this week we’re focusing on Maelstrom”).
  • Recruit players who think outside the box, like that trope about FBI hiring hackers they caught.

Yep. That also comes from poorly organized closed beta. If they gathered 20 players and said something like “this week everyone has to be doing vaults as much as they can”, they would’ve run into this real fast.

Nah. There’s quality assurance. I’ve seen posts from people who aren’t Funcom employees but have worked with Funcom closely enough to know what’s under the hood. They confirmed that Funcom does hire testers – beyond this closed beta they had – and they have them test their stuff.

The problem isn’t lack of quality assurance. It’s that the way they do it is even worse than the gaming industry average, which in itself is light years behind the software development industry average. Speaking of which:

Yeah, that’s a big problem in the industry, and a horrible problem when it comes to Conan Exiles. I’ve lost count of the times that a patch reintroduced an old bug.

The trouble with regression testing in game development is twofold. First, most testing is done by hand. Second, things change too much, so the repro steps for an old bug might not trigger it anymore when it gets reintroduced.

Looks like they introduced that in 4.17:

Conan Exiles uses 4.15, if I remember correctly.

Amen! That’s also the reason they throw RNG at everything they can get away with.


I have to disagree. If you had limited time with limited resources and multiple mechanics that you had to test while they were also in active development, would you allocate all of them in testing one mechanic and leaving everything else untested? I am also not being paid to beta test 12 hours a day.

Not every issue that has been reported can be solved easily. Many were fixed, many were completely reworked, some made it to live not in the state they should have been for a full release which is I guess the reason we are in Early Access.


But we didn’t even have any deadlines announced until the trailers came out (at least as far as i remember), i don’t see how time was limited. If it was, its by their own decision o.O

Every project has a deadline.

Of course, but my point is, nothing seemed to be promised publicly, so they could (with the little information we, players had) wait a couple more months and no one would have minded.

I wish it was that simple.