It's only 2 weeks after 'release' and server performance get back to red zone (2-4 server fps)

Dear Funcom team,

Whereas you limit server cap by 40 and clan size by 10 your official servers again works bad. It’s only 2 weeks since release and servers performance during prime time fall to 2-4 server fps.

Do you know how to resolve these issues and can you?

Can you solve the problem without wipe? (… cause it solve the ‘problem’ for next 1,5 - 2 weeks only)

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Server performance is directly tied to player actions. If you have a server where people have built larger structures completely out of fiundations, have a griefers who has a room of nothing but torches and braziers, or have people reeking havoc on your landscape spamming foundatuons, that all will tank performance by destroying the servers DB file and causing frameloss.

Start by going around your server, delete anything that is decayed and gives the dismantle option, and either reporting abusive building to your server owner, or if you’re on a pvp server, obliterate the buildings yourself. JuSt doing that can dramatically improve performance.

Hes talking about the official servers

Game shouldn’t have problems with database issues, there should be limits in place to prevent griefing such as torches everywhere and most important of all, this game should not have been released until these issues were sorted.

When any server goes above 20 players everything starts breaking, mobs stop responding, NPC pathing gets screwed up, animations stop working, capturing a thrall really is down to pure luck and that not even mentioning the bugs everywhere, the underlying code must be a complete mess.

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