Its time to talk about adding server moderation (again)

And before you give me the “Small team, lots of servers” argument, let’s be realistic here. Pull up the server list and look at how many servers actually have people on them at any given time. 20? 40? MAAYBE 60? As soon as you step away from those top 10/20 servers, the player count drops down to 1 or 2 per server.

Is it truly not feasible to have a single employee sift through a report system given this information? Make it rigorous so it’s easy, only consider posts with video/screenshot evidence to reduce the overhead. With so few people online and likely so few reports rolling in, I just can’t see how Funcom doesn’t see how necessarypossible this is.

Granted, moderation will likely lead to an increase in the playerbase and an increase in reports, but if you get out ahead of it you can keep it under control pretty easy. I mean the REAL fix is to fix the exploits, but so long as those exist they have to be dealt with.

I don’t even really need to make the argument. Funcom steps in to ban people who wall off the desert because it stops people from playing the game, we know that exploiters accomplish the same goal through different means. People have and continue to quit official servers in droves due to exploiters.

Everyone pretty much agrees that Conan needs some moderation, and with the server populations dwindling to where they are it has never been easier to get a grip on this. Find a way around family share and deal with reports before this game is out of time.

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