I've gotta say it

That’s just freaking hilarious! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I completely agree. Sometimes, I hope the staff that listen to our requests/complaints/etc. don’t lose heart. This is a truly fantastic, wonderful game, and I appreciate the staff members for their patience and responsiveness! :+1: :star_struck:

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Depends on point of view…

I play ESO, but solo… its nice to see other people being people in towns, or out on road.
Soon as person rides past with skull mask, and pink dress with flaming shoulder pads…


Conan exiles is in same a boat, its great to have people around, till you see the 20 story tower, with ledges and thralls pack in doorway, and 100+ of animals around it.

What ever immersion was there… went out window.

Fo76 is same… people place one foundation and stairs and then build floating base so enemy AI can’t get to it.

meta of countering the AI.

People ruin MMO’s for me, but I love MMO’s… I can never win.

But solo mode, I get same game… and world to myself. No floating towers, no one dress in overtop end game armors 24-7…

Solo play is balance for me… Some people can live with all odd stuff people do…cause “META” I can’t stand the damn meta. And people who abuse(Not best word…) game mechanics to make on raided, unattackable bases. Or make it so AI has no chance.

I’m not big Role Player ether… I just can’t stand crazy looking bases-dress/outfits ups that don’t fit the world.

I’m playing Ark right now, waiting on CE ps4 patch. I went onlien for abit, but 60-70% of population is dwarfs/ape.monkey//deformed looking players trying to be able hide in bushes or just be weird. They got Tames all over base… Its Jarring.

Solo can be boring, lonely… and frustrating. But itlest. Everything looks A-OK. XD

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Heh! I was merely joking that playing offline solo negates every word that MMO stands for (literally) - not that it isn’t a viable way to play.

I play online solo on my own private server. If I want some PvP, I just throw myself off Skyfall Ridge.

It doesn’t. This works just fine though


Indeed it does - and that’s exactly why I chose to phrase what I said the way I said it. I’m glad someone got my joke.


Interestingly, no MMO I’ve played has featured anywhere near the griefing potential that CE has. I guess the closest would actually be old-school Age of Conan, since people could (and did) block access to doorways and such (unlike most MMOs, AoC featured (features?) collision on player bodies).


I remember people taking their elephants and blocking the Stygian City hub (can’t remember the name) marketplaces when it was still a newly released game. I sat there for a while informing people that sneak would let them pass through in my efforts to counter the trolls :stuck_out_tongue:


Because, big surprise, in all other MMOs griefing and harassing has consequences…

Ive never seen a definition of griefing that didnt include basic gameplay. Targeting people is the idea; crush your enemies and all that. I think it gets muddier on pve servers where you cant destroy structures but that just shows that destroying structures is inherently necessary in the game.

So how do you destroy undermeshed bases in PvP :smiley:

I wouldnt call that griefing; thats exploiting.

And what can you do? Oh, right. Nothing…
And enough people here will tell you otherwise, because you can do something: Go private or offline :smiley: :smiley:

I really wonder, how many discussions would be obsolete, if the servers got moderated and harassing and cheating/exploiting would have quite FAST consequences… And not let it in a broken for some time and let broken items (hello 100% AP arrows) in the game :smiley: :smiley:

Litte bit OT, but I saw this yesterday:
And the best thing: There were real 100% AP arrows, which got nerfed to 50%.
Wasnt in the patch note… Which is the next thing Funcom does with nerfs. They dont mention them at all…
Like the quivering arrows got dmg-nerfed, for god knows what reasons :smiley:
Yeah, you read that right… The ONLY legendary arrows in the game, make LOWER dmg then most crafted ones:

And the 100% AP arrows with 5 (yes FIVE) dmg, got nerfed to 50% AP. Oh and the label INGAME is the same broken as it was for Worldbreaker and Annihalator for quite some time. It still says “ignores armor”.

So the real 100% AP arrows with 5 dmg, got nerfed to 50%.

But all bugged ones with 100% AP, are still 100% :smiley: :smiley: I have healing arrows with 100% AP…

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I lay exploits at the feet of the perpetrators myself. They know they are doing something wrong which is why I never play officals for any game without accepting that.

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I wouldnt complain if they did of course; I can just understand why they dont.


Well all the games I played in the past, did something to prevent exploits on their official servers. And punished exploiters…


FC dont get anything from servers (private or official). So they only gain revenue buy selling the DLC or basegame.
Normaly you dont see in which state many official servers are, until you play the game = already bought it.
And you can also have luck (like myself) and be on a server with no harassing… But as there are no consequences, it is just a question WHEN it will happen.

Massive Men Online Role-Playing Girls? :wink:


I’m happy to report that he stealth apologized by farming as much stone as he could and dumping it in all my chests.

Now, what he did with what was already in those chests before, is an entirely different subject.

Often, but probably less often than TV stereotypes would have you think (and my character is male… hah!)