I've lost everything, help

I’m not exactly sure how to contact anyone for help. But, here is my problem, if this is in fact a way to get help. I had been playing Conan Exiles on my Xbox One until December 4th when I got a new Xbox One. About three days ago I was finally able to download Conan Exiles on my new console. After all was ready, I logged onto the last public server I had played on. Everything that I had built, made and thralls I had managed to collect were gone. The only thing left from the last time that I had played was what I had equipped or what was in my personal inventory. How do I fix this? Or how can I contact someone from the business to get my stuff back. I am incredibly angry, as this is like the fourth time that I have started over and quite liked what I had been able to build this time.

u cannot. CE has a decay system to prevent the building spamming of incative players… u surpassed this limit so, ur base and stuff decayed… so start regathering now since u know how… sometimes a fresh start is better than one thinks

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I’m afraid Ragnaguard is right. If you play on official servers, you’re subject to decay timers :frowning:

What Funcom needs to fix is the lack of journey steps that would teach players about decay and stability.


Yes, there should be some information about this mechanic somewhere in the game, perhaps in the short description of the buildig pieces.

Yeah, decay should be explained better.

For people who make a tiny base somewhere and leave it to decay, you learn early with little loss.

But for people who start playing and then go full grind for months without knowing about decay… their first week off is going to be a terrible lesson.

Ok, what about cloud saves? Something like this, happens to me once and know how much of a pain it is.

Cloud saves? you mean for single player? cloud saves would have nothing to do with OP’s problem, the problem for OP was the decay timer on his base for a multiplayer server. Maybe you mean having the option to make a backup of your base from a multiplayer server that you could import into a single player game?

Single player games are saved on YOUR machine, so backup conan save files when moving to another pc or when reinstalling Conan, if you want to preserve a single player character session. But for multiplayer all of it is saved on the server so won’t affect you reinstalling or moving to another computer. Only single player games save files locally and so Cloud saving would only affect single player.

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Is a two week absence enough for my stuff to decay? And how do u keep this from happening while u play. If u are actively playing every few days will it still decay?

The maximum decay timer value on official servers is 168 hours, i.e. 7 days. The decay timer of your structure depends on its tier and on how many other building pieces it’s connected to. So, the more connected pieces and the higher their tier, the longer they will last without decaying, up to a cap set in server settings, which would be one week on official servers.

You can check the current value of the decay timer for your buildings and placeables by standing in front of what you want to check, wielding a repair hammer. If you’re not wielding a repair hammer, you can also check it by pressing and holding the Tab button.

The decay timer is periodically refreshed to its maximum value as long as the structure is in your render distance, and it’s refreshed for all connected building pieces. It’s not instantaneous, so if you want to refresh your decay timer, make sure you hang around until you see it’s refreshed to its maximum.

unfortunately for u yes… two weeks is more than enough. max decay timmer is 168 hrs which translates in 7 days… keep also in mind that sometimes the timmer does not gets resseted only by loging in and being close to a base. u need to interact with something (ussually a door or a chest or a torch or something and always use tab key for this. )

sorry for ur loss m8 , but all i can say is make sure u log in ur base at least once per week … a couple of mins r enough for this!

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