Jaguar Spawning in Pet Pen

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In the Oasis, in the West, I have a tier 2 pet pen.
A Jaguar and two trees spawn in it…

Sometimes a jaguar kitten.

I built a huge sandstone platform and could not place the tier 2 pet pen on it… it seems like it only likes the ground? (Seems like a bug - and waste of time building the platform.) :slight_smile:

Hey @Dhaylen

Does this issue happen while playing on an online server or singleplayer?

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Single Player… Two palm trees and a jaguar always spawn in the tier 2 animal pen - two times in a row it was a baby jag, other times one that wants to ‘eat me’, but just roams in the one section of the pen stuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

also: is it normal that a tier 2 animal pen will not place on sandstone foundation?
(Can some parts be ‘out’ a bit over the sandstone?)


You need to have an extra rows of foundations on each side because the bigger objects can be picky about ground contact. It works that way with the religious altars too.


And map rooms. I’ve taken to extend the roof on some of my smaller bases to accommodate it.

Actually, it makes a nice awning, now if I had a lounger and a beer …


Thanks, I’ll inform our team about this issue. On the meanwhile, enjoy your guest stars however rude they may be!

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