Jail thralls are broken

Been playing official pvp and the same has happen to me on pve-c haven’t tried it on unofficial. But every single thrall I’ve gotten from a jailer refuses to use any weapon except the one he started with…. Started fresh on a pvp server today and got me a t2 fighter. He started with a stone Pike and you guys want me to make him keep that?!? Gave him all sorts of weapons and he won’t use any one of them. He just fist fights. Anyone else have this issue or am I Just extremely persistently unlucky?!?

Edit: update, I’ve tried 3 different thralls from jails and they all have the same issue. Even tried giving them the exact same weapon they have but crafted by me and they refuse to use it. Let alone the same type… please PLEASE fix this. But by the time it’s fixed I prob won’t even have a use for them anymore. Jail thralls were a cool concept. To bad it never made it past the concept phase.


Yep, same here. On xbox and PS, They are useless. All they do is punch even with there weapon they had when i freed them. I just free them now and kill them right away for fun. No point in carrying around the key,

I fix this issue by removing the 2 bags in their inventory, i bring them to my base were i wait until the next days for daily server reset. After server reset my thrall is good to go and will use any weapon given. Ive takin lots of thralls from cages and all started uses their weapon after 24h period. I play on xbox official.
Hope this help

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And on single players just log out give 5 minutes and back in and the work as well

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