Javelin attacks animations need reworking

As the title suggest, the javelin weapon needs to have its attack animations reworked, or its hit boxes adjusted because it’s attacks miss far too much. It is mostly attack 2 of 4 and 4 of 4.

The second attack (the overhead swing) misses so many times, even against enemies that are taller and clearly would get hit by the overhead swing.

The fourth attack (the achilles jumping lunge) misses so many times too, even at times where you blatantly make contact with enemies.

Please adjust the hitboxes or change the combos so that they actually hit.

You can all recreate this issue by fighting enemies with a javelin yourself.


Yeh, they are bad. The throwing function is fine. But picking them up is a pain, because they go back into your inventory not the task bar. I likenthe Achilles lunge, it just needs to be quicker and have more range/impact.

And the melee animations are laffy, slow, always miss and just dont connect to what ever you aim.

Hopefully they get reworked in the new age.


Yeah i really do hope they have a look at this. It’d be a very welcome adjustment!

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