Jedia 's greatsaber

Hi everyone :wave:

I like the design of Jedia 's greatsaber cuz it kinda looks like the reaver blade from the legacy Of Kain game series and I would like to have it both as a weapon and ornament for my greatswords.

Where on both exile lands map and siptah map I can farm constantly Jedia 's greatsaber ?


you need too give it a thrall and wait till he pull it out amazing when you have 5 or more npcs that pull them out

But on which location on both maps I can farm Jedia 's greatsaber?

Any Legendary Chest farm. So you’ll need to hunt Skeleton keys and thr chests they open.

Once I get two in a week from boss chests. This was from the chest below the big statue at the steppe. But I don’t know anymore if it was the white tiger or the elephant boss.
I lost both… Some month ago I was camping at the steppe for a while. I think I collected more than 200 weapons but never this cool sword.

I read that at the witch hunter camps you can buy legendary weapons? Is that rng?

Maybe this way would be easier to get one

The witch hunters sell pre-determined legendary items, tools, armor and weapons alike.
So no RNG there.

You can for example buy Black Blood Hatchet and El’s Drinker at the Den, always.


I’ll check them out if I spot their location at exile lands map and at siptah map.

Legendary treasure chests, the ones that require a skeleton key to open.
There is no recipe.
This one hasn’t found any guaranteed locations, it’s random what’s in those chests.

In Exiled Lands, the chests tend to very close to World bosses.
On Siptah, the chests are gathered around the tower entrance in the center. Keys are still from some 3 skull bosses. They must be harvested, it’s not in inventory.

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