Jedias Greatsaber - Tell us how you really feel about Disney, Funcom

Was able to loot Jedias Greatsaber this afternoon. Checked the “Info” button and was amused. Both happy and sad at the same time.

I too think it was a mistake Star Wars fell into Disney’s hands.

That is my favorite weapon in the game. I’m not fond of carrying a torch, so it helps me out at night. :smile:

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I’d use mine more if I had access to Star Metal and a chance to build the repair kits for it.

I’m not sure star metal is required. I believe you use master repair kits with oil and alchemical base.
But you need the correct blacksmith to make the legendary repair kits, which I do not have because of the broken purge system.


Ahh, cool, I’ll try for that. I’ve gotten 3 legendaries now but don’t use them because of concern of not being able to repair them.

From about 30 minutes on, you can see the reason for this sword. Joel personally just didn’t like Episode VII and VIII.

Was that “sword” really necessary?

It is absolutely necessary!

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