Jenga effect breaking structures

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [BUG]
Region: [US]

I am all for realistic physics in games. Yeah im am down. In our game my wife does all the building and i go out and kill everything. But one thing i notice while watching her is when she builds a huge wall want to break a stone at the bottom, EVERYTHING in that coloumn above it breaks. Now I get the idea, its the support of the ones above it. But if there are black next to those shouldnt they stay up. Just like Jenga. If you remove the middle block of the very bottom row, it doesnst come crashing down.
Now I LOVE this game, LOVE it. And i hate to call out competition but Ark and 7 days to die dont do this.
Equipment: Ps4(normal), 100mb internet(hardlined), Server 3737

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Build a wall using stone blocks(lets say 8x8 veritcally)
2.Pick a stone in the bottom row.
3.Select the block and demolish it.
4. Notice that whole column breaks