Jewel of the West Wedge bug

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug, Misc
Region: NA

The wedges will overlay T2 wedges. Did not test this with the Imperial East or a strait upgrade to T3 materials.

The second wedge in from the right was removed and replaced. The 1st wedge on the left i was able to safely remove the T2 wedge. All of the others replaced the existing materials that had been used previously.

Are you saying the new wedges, when placed on the old, simply become merged, with both old and new wedges existing in the same spot?

Yes mate, like this:

HAHAHAHA. Like Russian nesting dolls. It never ends!

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this mainly happens when the ceiling is conected with the pillar

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This happened as shown on all 5 in the screen. the 3 connected with the ceiling panels have pillars under them. The 2 in the front do not.

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