Jewel of the WEST

Hello everyone, I just saw the new DLC pack jewel of the WEST and i cant wait to get it. im gona outfit my legions and conquer. muahahaha . i have never bought skin packs or DLC in a survival game BUT i am making an exception for you Funcom. you guys have really gone beyond my expectations with this game. i want to support this fantastic game , but mostly its because i want the legions. keep up the great work Devs.


do you play the same game like I do? I guess you dont…

Lol… your expectations must be extremely low…

OK name an early access title that has launched with the kind of polish this game has. I have bought many survival early access titles , none of them came out the way exiles has. combat feels completely different from when the game launched, that was not expected. look at ark for example. the combat is exactly the same as when the game launched. look at the climbing system , it has made the map so much bigger and its more fun to get around. if you disagree you have to actually articulate why you think the game is not good.

I am eagerly awaiting the DLC :slight_smile:

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