Jheball Sag religion ridiculously expensive!?



Let me start to say that perhaps i do not understand it completely.

But… is the Jheball Sag religion ridiculous expensive!?

first you need to do a dungeon… thats fine…
while doing the dungeon i farmed the bosses i and got about 8 shadeblooms (on a official server, 1X farm rate). so a rare recourse to obtain witch is fine because you can get it later…
after the dungeon i build a tempel en build it up to T3…
At T3 i found out that the sigial/trap to summon (with luck) a champion, this should give a shadebloom on harvest right? i have not tested this because of the following… WHY does the sigial needs to be so expensive :open_mouth: its no where near worth the resources to produce a sigial what has only have a CHANCE to spawn a champion. furthermore the reward (a shadebloom) is way to low for the cost to get it because shadebloom food only gives a 5% boost on top of the preferd food to grow a greater version pet.

now i tried going back to the dungeon te farm bosses… only to find they did not spawn back (is this a bug or on purpose?). even so… farming bosses te get 5 shadeblooms (for te special weapon for example) will probably take you about 2 hours… the same time the special weapon last…

so to the point of this rant… i don’t mind that the shadebloom is a rare resource, it should be… but the sigial to chance spawn a champion is ridiculously high…

the fix? just make the sigial about 5 secret blood and some stone or something.
i don’t mind the weapon timer, i don’t mine the only 5% bonus on the preferred food… but the cost and or time (if the dungeon should re spawn bosses) is just ridiculously.

by the way… the description on the religious weapon does not match the target to use it on…


official servers are 2x harvest.

I got about 30ish shadeblooms from my run with 1x harvest through the dungeon, I used an acheronian pick to harvest them, so you should get about 60 doing the same.They are not worth it anyway IMO though, even if I would use the pet system. The term pet system is very accurate by the way, because they aren’t anything more than that.

I don’t mind that the sigil costs “that much” because it isn’t that much, the desicion to let the sigil only have a chance to spawn the boss however is just unnecessary, frustrating and dumb again of "fun"com.


server rates are 1 here but fine… shoeld not be te problem… i used a skinning a obsidian skinning knife but come to think of it they are a bit weird sins last weeks update… a pick might have been beter te use…

still the sigial… cost you 20 gold dust… thats more thean the gold rocknose would produce in a day… if you even get a gold one in the first place…

like you said… at this point its beter to ditch the pet system and just do it the old fasion way


obsidian skinning knife isn’t good anyways, it is on par with steel or hardened steel skinning knife, starmetal is the best skinning knife, but use a top tier pick next time :slight_smile:


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