Jhebbal sag potions on the new map

So we can make the potions you drink the potions and nothing happens so you can’t go to the dungeon from the new map but you can craft the potions. Is anybody else had this problem? Funcom do you have an answer for this or do you even know about it

I will try to be less salty in here, the reason I will participate is because yesterday I was thinking to suggest a similar thing. If possible this dungeon to be added in Siptah map too so we can have a different exit point than Sepermeru.
IF, it is possible…
It would be AWESOME.

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The dungeon is real space on the Exiled Lands map, the new map does not have this space and moving it would have to be copy-paste in a new spot and would be processed with each update. It would be like taking care of twins instead of having one child. :dizzy_face:

I agree with @stelagel it would be awesome if this elixir worked with some tweaks. But in the Siptah map, the Jhebbal Sag dungeon could be totally different, shorter, more like a challenge with waves of enemies and a boss at the end. :heart_eyes: It would be easier to add. :pleading_face:

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