Jimbo's Lore Video Series

Episode 2: The Giant Kings & The Triumvirate is on it’s way!


For those of you who have seen me around here before you know I have two main passions in this community; being mad about pointless drama, and lore. This thread focuses on the latter thankfully, with an announcement to make:

I’ve started making youtube videos, covering niche elements of the lore. I plan to tackle everything I can in the game, from both maps and even resources outside of the game, covering the larger scale of canon in the REH/Lovecraft universe.

For today, I have uploaded my first video on The Sandstorm. You can check it out here.

As time goes on, I’ll be uploading more videos and compiling them here. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to cover. The goal of this series is to provide a comprehensive look at the world and teach the community a bit more about it. This first video is a shorter one, I do plan to make lengthier videos as time goes on depending on the subject.


Nice video m8, thank you. All I know about the lore of the game is from you guys here, I really enjoy reading your lore posts and I cannot thank you enough for it, all of you.
There is a debate here in this forum about Crom. I would like to watch a video with your “opinions” for this religion. If you think my request is silly, just pass it no problem :+1:t6:.
Please continue to upload lore videos, thank you m8.


I’d absolutely love to cover all the gods, one at a time. They’re all so varied and deserving of attention. I’ll be pulling a lot more from the books when I do those as well, to add more depth to them


You neglected to use the map-room to show what the Exiled Lands looked like prior to the sandstorm.

Also, no speculations or explanations on what each of the “insane” things Petruso talks about? No details on Klael’s monologue either. Was expecting more than just listening to all of their speeches.

That’s my bad tbh. As I was rendering the final product I thought about that. In future videos I plan on adding in more small visual bits to go with the narration better.

Simply put, I had something but I cut it. I can say I’m still unsure on the seven prophets part, but the dialogue may be worth revisiting in another video in the future.

This was intentional, as I only really wanted the relevant dialogue, saving the rest for a video on the Triumvirate in the future.

Noted. I kept my script somewhat lightweight as a first video but feedback like this helps me shape future ones. I’ll work in more speculation and flesh out stuff more moving forward until someone says it’s too wordy


I personally liked it the way it was. Present to the audience what the game tells you and show the cinematics. You can leave the speculations for a separate video where you go over various different “theories” that are spread around.


I’m thinking a half and half. Smaller theories can be integrated into the topic as long as I disclaimer it’s a speculation segment for the specific part, and larger ones like the Snowglobe Theory deserve their own for sure



My next lore video is in production, or rather I should specify my next two; which is where my dilemma comes in.

I currently have two topics lined up that I want to cover, but I want to focus on one at a time. So far my options are The Giant Kings & The Triumvirate, a more comprehensive look at the race and their rule, covering a huge swath of history behind the Exiled lands. My next idea that I’m personally leaning towards but recognize would take way longer to make, Lovecraftian Influences & References. This would cover both maps and be a massive undertaking.

Help me decide, which would you rather see first?

  • Giant Kings
  • Lovecraft

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I’ll be checking up on the poll for a while as I chip away some basic script outlines for both, fear not as both will come in due time; I just want to finish them up one at a time

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Giant Kings first, as that is a smaller workload.


Sorry, but for me it makes no difference as long as you promise to fix both :grin:. I choose the giant kings not because I know the lore, just because I like giants, sorry for this. If it’s ready on Sunday you will surely fix my Sunday morning “coffee time”, thanks @Jimbo.

Both projects will take a while. I want to dive way deeper than I did with the sandstorm. A giant kings video would be minimum half hour as I gather both all the information in the game, and outside. Lovecraft would be at least twice as long, as there is so much more. I could do the giant kings in a week, lovecraft more like a month

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Worth waiting m8, take your time and act as you wish, happy to anticipate for them :+1:t6:.

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With 80% of the vote in favor of the giant kings, the choice is clear. I’ve been pouring over everything I can find and then some on the subject, script for the video is well under way. Stay tuned everybody.


That’s awesome you’re able to do that. Is it possible to have sandbeasts spawn inside it like the elder things on siptah?

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Hey folks, status update:

This thread has been quiet for a week now, but I’ve been hard at work chipping away at the video. I’ve put a small teaser up on the channel, basically just a clip of the introduction.

The main video is going to be a lot larger than I had first anticipated. I was aiming for half an hour, but it’s looking more like between 45 minutes to an hour so far. I’ve got a good chunk of it done, but narration has been an issue the last few days. When the video comes out you’ll see what I mean. Seasonal allergies have been at a maximum the last few days, sore throat is making it difficult to record it all.

I’ve set up a new workspace to record, with an air purifier running 24/7. Hoping for another week at most before it drops.

I hope it’ll be worth the wait for you all, I’ve been using any time when my throat hurts too much to record to revise and beef up the script with even more lore


Can’t wait to see it.


haha whoops I forgot to upload for a while

New Content Coming!

I’ve made a new video, but it’s mainly just announcing more to come. So let me clarify what exactly my plan is moving forward:

Short-form, single topic focused videos. The problem with lore is so many things get intertwined and convoluted, so a video on one topic can easily explode into something massive. I’ve put the Giant-Kings video on ice because it’s a 45 minute ramble and most likely outdated once 3.0 drops. So for now I’m switching gears and making shorter videos, 5-10 minutes tops. First one will be on Nyarlathotep, coming very soon.


Haven’t seen a post of yours these days, so I jumped in to say hi. I hope you are ok m8 :+1:t6:.
Hope to see you soon in here, video or not.

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He’s just afflicted with a bad case of perfectionism and keeps scrapping his projects.

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All I care is that he is OK! It’s his thing to be perfect, I respect that.
Thank you for replying @Tephra!

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