Jinxed myself 😒

I purchased Funcom points the other day it failed (don’t know why loads of :dollar: in the bank) but said I need to upgrade my account now it’s reverted me to F2P and I’ve lost my premium game time I had left :thinking: sent support ticket …any suggestions on how I can sort this myself because it will take ageeeees till they reply

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I feel the emptiness in your heart, something similiar happened to me a week ago and yet no support reply to my ticket.

I have payment in pending status so no new payments can be done.

We have to wait till they reply to our tickets, that is the only solution, sadly.

PS: the workaround could be to register new payment method and try it again.

Thanks for the reply …I’ve tried registering my other cards even set up PayPal but still saying failed so it’s definitely on FUNCOMS end spoke to my bank …everything well now we wait :neutral_face:

Be careful with entering a new payment method, by doing that ALL my older purchases i tried to do (which had payment in pending status) went through…

Thanks for warning as that would suck my bank acc.

Ill rather wait for support to resolve the pending payment… hopefuly this year :slight_smile:

delete all payment options and make a new one, that’s how i fixed it when i had an issue. no support needed.

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Let me try it :slight_smile:

UPDATE: works like a charm! Thanks.

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I’ll give it a try and see if it works