Johar feat planner down

and achievement side to


Please fix!

Seems to be working now.

Thank you for the fixing feat planner and achievement side :+1:

remember to put a small donation (if you have the possibility) → not you, just everyone :slight_smile: not free to host those sites, and rly nice work done there that would be sad to be without.


As a side note, I recently noticed that Funcom changed the buffs on one of the Ranger/Sin necklace Necklace of Freezing Gale, replacing Winter Sun with Eternal Winter. This is an updated picture of the item:

Necklace of the Freezing Gale

I don’t know when it’s been changed, because I had not used T5 weapons for years, but indeed the fact that the T5 bow had a buff that was not available on the T5 necklaces was weird. :laughing: