Join Lost Vikings! (Wars of Elysium RP-PVP Top#10 Global Population with WAR & TERRITORY SYSTEM)

Hail warrior, wanderer,

Hail farmer, builder,

Hail exile, forsaken,

No matter who you are, or where you are from, you will be stronger as part of a tribe.

Train under some of the best warriors in the realm, and then join us on the battlefield!!

Join the Lost Vikings!! Get drunk, get lost, kill things along the way!! We live simple but glorious lives.

Seeking friendly, mature & active players interested in PvP and Role-playing. 18+ and voice comms / mic are required.

Server is Wars of Elysium top#10 ranked population with average 30-40 players nightly. Wiped 8.16. This is a great server with robust PvP and RP going on. Political landscape is still changing and we have a War & Territories system. It’s basically Game of Thrones + RISK as played in Conan Exiles.

Raise your sword and join the Lost Vikings today!!

Join the Lost Vikings discord and message Zandragal, Chews or Vandalia to coordinate your in-game invite.

Server IP Address:

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Just finished my first ever PVP run with these guys ever on Conan, (New player) Well organized system to promote online raiding vs just getting nuked when you are asleep.

The Red Crimson Flows in this guild, we got what you need!