Join "Mod Squad" server. PC PVE

I now have my own PC PVE server for Conan Exiles “Mod Squad” and would like to invite you to join me on it if you wish to.
The server has mods that you will need to have in your Conan Exiles mods folder to get on the server.
They can be found in the Steam Workshop for Conan Exiles. They must be in the exact order as shown here.


They will give you the following:

Let you get to level 140.
Required to open legendary chest at level 60.
Keeps you from a loss of durability when you use upgrade kits.
Lets you pick up all of your items, ie work benches. Some items “walls” will appear to be destroyed but will go into your inventory.

To find the server you must have the “Show Servers with Mods” selected in the upper right corner on the menu where you select the
server you want to play on.