Join Our Server! - Region Battles PvE-C (PC,America)

My friends and I have just started up a new PvE-C server (wiped 5/19), focused on Region Battles.
In Region Battles, you adopt one of 3 Regions:

  • Desert (anything in the sandy regions of the map, south of the wall and east of the Jungle vegetation)
  • Jungle (anything in Jungle, including the lighter vegetation regions nearer to the desert)
  • North (anything north of the wall)

You may adopt a region by placing the region in your clan tag. For example, Barbarians - Jungle would be a Jungle clan.

PvP is encouraged between clans of different regions, and prohibited between clans of the same region. You may not build in regions other than your own.

If you are interested in joining, join our Discord at