Join Seasons in the Abyss ps4 18+ rp/ pvp weekends

Good morning everyone,

Please make sure to check out our RP server have rolling right now. We currently have some pretty active members and we are growing on a daily basis, we are currently only doing PVP on weekends that way everyone has a chance to build and have fun doing dungeons and stuff like that without worrying about your base getting leveled. We plan on doing alot of events and our admin is very cool and doesn’t abuse anything what so ever. We also are having alot of fun building kingdoms for ROLEPLAY so join us and lets have fun. PS4 server named DARK REALMS

What are the rules? I would like to know

hey buddy i opened a new server actually its called Seasons in the Abyss 18+
Basically its raiding on weekends.
No base wiping unless u were raided and decide to go to war with the opposing clan it has to be said in the community page.
Dont wipe a base when raiding just destroy enough to get in and get what you want.
Don’t take all crafting thralls maybe 3 or so is fine.
No racism, no spamming of foundations or pillars.
We also have a arena built by the sinkhole
Also have maprooms at all OBS

let me know if your gonna join and ill get you a starter kit buddy dont normally give them out but since u came on here looking i got you

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Thanks I’ll get on later I’ll shoot you a message when I do

cool let me know man ill be on PSN YGDaie

What’s the level of rp ? I have been a rp player on games for awhile but I’m new 2 conan, I’ve played it in co-op server to get a idea of the mechanics but I’m looking for a good rp server, thanks much

I play on the server and I would say I’ve not seen much in the rp way yet. So I would say very light RP. everyone has been cool on the world so far, its been quite active for being so new.

Yeah i plan on implementing more RP to the server just have to have some time but im gonna be making a trading village and im gonna make a couple more open bases for raiding purposes with valuable things in them.

Still trying to figure out how i wanna do it but i will be on later today if anyone want to hit me up with some ideas i am more then open to hear them.


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hey you must work during these hours as well huh or just u got the forums open from home?

I work during these hours so i log into forums to keep updated lol

yup at work, stop in here when I get tired of doing actual work haha

lol hahaha thats funny i figured you did because of the time that your on the forums lol haha and yeah im the same way when i have free time or nothing to do then im just reading these forums and im also looking up all the new features for 2k19 coming out next week!!!

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Also just a heads up everyone i will also be building a Quest tavern not sure where yet but it will have certain tasks to be done and if you can get it done then you will be rewarded.

More intel later on the community page.

, I will admit I like this lobby its pretty chill and the arena build is tight

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How’s the server!? Looking for a home!