JOIN - The Forsaken Lands. PVP / PVE . Relaxed. Boosted

5x XP. 5x Harvest multiplier. Unlimited Sprint. Fighting and climbing still uses stamina. Purge is activated with no time restrictions or day restrictions and is set at level 3 but will raise later when people are a little more established or if level 3 seems too weak. No building damage. Keep all inventory, equipment and quick wheel items upon death. I’ve built a small battle arena to test your mettle. See you in the arena or on the road. Daytime speed normal, night time speed times 2. Resource respawn speed multiplier 1.5. NPC respawn multiplier 1.5. Thrall crafting speed 0.5. Regular crafting speed 0.5. Avatar summon time 20 seconds, Avatar lifetime 120 seconds. Join the server and build an awesome base. All adults welcome. No kids. Please no spam building to block other people’s progress. If you need materials just ask me and i’ll make it happen. A glowstick, 100 steel bars, 1000 Black ice foundations? They’re yours just wait until you see me in the server and ask. If you have any questions contact Fornicatus @PSN. Conan: Exiles is above all else fun. Let’s keep it that way and be decent to one another.