Join the Hades Playground Server!

Join the Hades’ Playground Discord Server! Hades’ playground now introduces the new Siptah expansion and awaits your arrival, also with the Game Rust now out, Hades’ Playground will be providing a server to play on as soon as private servers will be available, on the conan server you will find,

  • friendly and helpfull admins

  • discord currency which you get from participating in events

  • friendly players

  • PVP

  • loads of events

  • many different roles in the discord to obtain

  • New content added through admins for example (crucible), an arena where a Player fights npcs to get many different rewards.

  • through Siptah there will be new exciting events available

  • no offline raiding

  • you can use Gods

  • no biased admins

And much more, if youre interested then join us, there is no harm in trying out the server. Also if you do let the admin know who or where you for the Inv from :). DragonFaith2002