Joining Lag Bug and Disconnect Bug


Game mode: private dedicated server with mods (also reported on official servers without mods)
Type of issue: Performance /Bug
Server type: PvP RP (also reported from other server types)
Region: EU (also reported from other regions)

  1. Everytime a player joining the server every other player on the server is experiancing a lag about 10 sec. We try to warn the other players before joining because of that. It’s a very common issue, also reported from other private and official servers with or without mods/dlc.

  2. There is a regular ctd or freeze about 10 sec. On average this happens 2 times in a game session of 6 hours. Also this is a common issue, reported from other servers. In different discords about CE the users/Modders have named it the Disconnect Bug.

Ofcourse the game is still playable but these bugs, especially the joining lag are really annoying.
I made this report because I couldn’t find much on these bugs here on the forum although they are well known and common bugs reported in the discords and by other admins/players/modders/streamers


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