Joint Server to Server


Hello funcom and welcome back from vacation. Conan has succeeded you well. My question to you: will there be server jumps with his full level and loot? The servers have lost massive players. We as a clan are big and have a lot to do with CE mistakes. Our server is dead and we have tried to relocate to other servers only to no avail because 60 level players are attacking 30 level players. Is not there a possibility we can attack level 60 with players playing on other servers at level 60? The join over the mep room to other server works? That would make the game even more interesting. I ask for it. PS. We plbay PS4

Thats our problem now… my clan moved to another server and now we are getting attacks from 2 clans lvl 60… thats a real thing. If you dont know how to work with guerrilla tactics you will fail

Why not try to encourage activity on your own server?

Limit your bases to one or two way out of the way locations to encourage others to join.

Create free map rooms near each obalisk to make life easier for starting players.

Create a welcome center that includes many accessible resources which help new players level quickly.

In other words, have you tried encouraging people to come to your server by helping them get on comparable footings?

We play on official server. We’ve already helped some to get ahead. I do not care about the server where we are, nobody attacks us because we are too big there are 2 more clans on the server with us and with a slot of 40 players, I do not get more people. it is all about the server traveling with level and inventory. It’s about the fun and the struggle to have opponents of the same level. who are like us, fighting and defending their friends on other servers without having to level up to defend.

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