Journey, Map, Food, drink, Torch's all busted

Yes so much for the patch - completly reset and broke the map markers and the journal entirly now.
Torch’s seem to start at 18 minutes (coal ones) and burn out within 2 minutes as its skips quite a few seconds and same with food and drink.

Pity but you say 900 players helped get this right, i take it those players were all bots then?

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As far as all the players testing things, my thinking is that with any “test” servers there isn’t the investment of time and base building anywhere near what there is on “live” servers. So it’s never going to be as solid a test as needed to see what the real impact is.

A 3x3 building for example with no thrall in it or on it is not near the 100+x100+ bases you’ll see in live servers with dozens of thralls throughout.

I can confirm. My journey steps are empty, my map shows no markers except bed and bedroll, and the decay timers are skipping 20+ seconds every few seconds.

My Journey steps are all reset and my map is blank except for beds/bedrolls as well… =(

I haven’t checked torches and decay yet.

UPDATE: Also I just noticed that my stove is missing. All other crafting stations appear to still be there though.

Well before the patch my thralls would fight the monsters attacking the base/me just fine but now it seems they dont really care. Also every time I try to build something new it almost always just says it is overlapping with something.

It seems that the journey itself isn’t reset, just the UI is bugged. Same with the map you cannot re-find markers so they are somewhere saved. Also if you find new map markers, they will disappear if you log out.

Hopefully this gets fixed pretty soon.