Journey, privacy, slavery

Greetings dear Funcom, first, big thanks to you all for your work, game is great and quite charming, even my father loves it)

HERE some not very tough to make additions, that will make game more deep (in my opinion):

  1. Journey need both texts (if not unough space, just change font). First journey message contains important info, and mostly, we never read it cause steps already done accidentaly.
  2. We badly need some private doors and chests. Big solution - improve clan system. Minor - just add option to doors and chests.
  3. Conan Age - Age of slavery, but for roleplay issues maybe we could get npcs without slavery? (buy them, free them).
    4 Notes and journals - need ability to write and pin it even on other players bases (land owner can pick it too).

AND non suggestions, just thinking

i personally dont like event log, previous, people must do personal investigation about -Who raid me? try to buy this info from the others and etc (maybe if player wear masks, we can cheat log system?)

Dont make work tables lockable pls, we have chests already, which i think make people more lazy in base building, they make 1 wall, 1 door, and 20 closed chests…no imagination to protect own stuff at all, if everything in base closed and need to be totally rekt to get stuff, no point to raiding at all until you get 40 lvl



Just a thought of mine, not trying to insult you:
Would you not be one of those complaining if someone steals your Thralls out of the Wheel of pain since you probably leave it running overnight (especially for T4 on vanilla setting)

Just mind those would not be locked as well :slight_smile:

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well…i agree about wheel of pain mate…thralls not items, they are persons, so raiders should not be able to pick them up)

but other side…its force you to protect wheel of pain with walls too…so both sides have a point

Lockable chests could be a godsend in PVE, though. Allows for further creativity in building without having to worry about thieves.

I don’t play PvP, so I cannot speak for how it would affect it, all I can say is that it’s kind of like having the Thrall inside the station to “protect” it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have always found it mildly awkward that my Thralls do not know who their Mistress is, and simply allow anyone to touch my tools. Their lack of loyalty hurts my ego lol

The chests are already lockable. Hold interact button then lock them. The PC update already has made it so that in PVE no one can steal anything from you because they cant open work tables or anything even if you don’t choose to lock your chests.

i mean privacy for clan memders…some doors and chests shared, some must remain personal (like Rust) so people dont mess with you room for example and personal items

Oh yes I agree their should be personal ownership items

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