Journey Step Improvements

I like the idea behind the journey step overhaul, but I do think it can be improved in a number of ways. As noted by a LOT of people, it can be tricky sometimes to auto-complete a step because it is not always clear what is expected. Steps that require you to find a particular object or location often don’t trigger unless you’re standing in a precise spot … for 3, 4, or even 10 seconds. If you run right past the coordinates it won’t complete the step. This sort of thing should be improved.

I also think there needs to be a lot more journey steps than currently exist (and I hope this is going to be updated over time so that more are added). For example, I think there should be a kind of “Primitive Bushcraft” Journey that needs to be completed before you can unlock certain things like the Masonry paths (and even perhaps the Tier 1 construction knowledge in the first place). IN other words, before you can build a multi-level sandstone house, you’d think you’d have to learn some rudimentary bushcraft/survival shelters first. A journey path that teaches you as a “reward” how to build a hide tent (similar to the “Hunter’s Tent” you can get in the bazaar) would be a very worthwhile reward, if you could actually attain it early game when a primitive and portable shelter to protect you from sandstorms would be genuinely useful (i.e., before you can craft the lvl 30 sandstorm mask). I think a lot of the rewards should be rethought along these lines, to make the completion of these steps a very attractive option.

Similarly, a “Primitive Tool-Maker” journey path would also be a good addition. In reality, building tools like knives, axes, picks, cleavers, etc. is not actually that easy – especially from scratch in the wilderness. You can’t just pick up some stones and branches and instantly make an axe or knife. I’d love to see a journey path that gives you the reward of getting the recipes to make the most basic stone tools in the first place. (This would make Conan even more of a hardcore survival game, by making a lot of the starting recipes slightly more difficult to unlock – perhaps not just having a level requirement to buy the knowledge/feats, but also having a journey step completion requirement for some of that knowledge too).

Another idea is to add a “Primitive Hunter” path that maybe comes before the Warrior, Rogue, and Archer paths that already exist. Most likely, the first requirement for weapon use, tool use, and trap-building (in the real world) related to hunting and acquiring food. Every episode of survival shows like “Alone” shows this to be the case. So a journey step path related to hunting that then unlocks the possible paths for warrior, rogue and archer afterwards, seems like a logical progression. Same with Skinning. Skinning and Carcass-Harvesting are separate skills from Tanning and Tanning is separate from Leather-Working and Tailoring – and the first journey paths (in my opinion) ought to be about Carcass-Harvesting (to acquire untainted meat, bones, pelts/hides, etc.). Learning what to do with the pelts and hides, and how to get raw-hide, versus how to use tannins to make leather – are all distinct skills from the initial skinning/gutting/harvesting process.

There are lots of possible new journey paths that could be added, to make knowledge acquisition more realistic and “nested” in terms of unlocking more advanced paths. I can think of journey paths for so many possible skill sets: primitive trap-building (snares, pits, deadfalls) unlocking more complex trap-building. Bow-making and fletching (another one or two pre-requisites to the Archery path – that teach you how to make those things in the first place). Primitive fire-starting in its own right is a skill – and it is bloody hard to do without matches, modern fire-starters, or magnifying lenses. So having to earn the ability to actually start a fire (for use with the “recipes” for campfires, torches, etc.) would be really cool too. Like a new recipes called “fire-starting bow” for example. It adds realism, but yes, it also slows down the progression of the player by not allowing them to just make fire instantly at will. Anyone who has survival and bushcraft experience will tell you that fire-starting is extremely hard, especially under adverse (wet) conditions. It can take even skilled people many hours to accomplish.

In any case, whatever you think the merits or demerits of augmenting the journey system are – I think the rewards need to be upgraded for many, if not most of these journey paths as well – to make them really attractive for new and max-level players alike. The “hunter’s tent” was already mentioned as a possible early reward for a kind of “Bushcraft” journey step. But so many of them could be tied to unique crafting/tool recipes that you can’t otherwise get. This would make the system more integral in my view – and thus worth doing. (Of course, allowing admins to customize their own servers if they DON’T want to abide by the journey system would also be good – as clearly some players dislike having to do it.). But personally, I like it, and want to make the rewards commensurate with your actual level, and even make them crucial (with certain recipes/knowledge/feats only available that way).

Anyway, just some thoughts I’ve been having while slowly completing all the steps. What ideas do YOU have for additional journey paths?

I’d love to see some new primitive (and later advanced) storage items, as journey path recipe rewards, associated with a lot of these ideas. For example:

  1. A hand-woven basket made out of plant fibres (could be an earlier storage item before you’re skilled enough to be able to make the wooden chest). The basket might be more limited in terms of weight capacity and storage slots. Or there might be smaller, portable baskets that can be carried, or even larger ones that are stationary and stay in the home base. (Yes, I realize there is a battle pass reward of a basket that exclusively holds plant items) … But having one or two variations that can be recipes rewarded for journey paths (like a Weaving journey path, that also includes twine-making and rope-making, and perhaps later on more advanced things like cloth, textiles, nets).

  2. Pottery. A craftable storage device that could be used to make decorative plates and bowls, vases, etc., but also storage items for holding liquids (water, oil, ale, wine). You can make decorative vases already in the Artisan bench, but they don’t hold anything.

  3. Barrel-making/Cooper. Right now you can make decorative barrels through the Artisan Bench, but having a storage barrel reward for an actual Artisan Journey path (or series of Artisan journey paths) that allows you to store a single item in large quanties (whether its salt, or flour, or beer, or dragon powder, or powdered lotus …) would be pretty cool. I would definitely complete a journey path for a medieval Cooper if it allowed me a unique Barrel recipe like that.

This is nice and all :slight_smile:
But I would like to point out that Conan has been purposely moving in the exact opposite direction for years now, to the point that today it’s only a survival game in name, mainly because the hunger system still exists… otherwise it’s pretty much a RPG :stuck_out_tongue:

So I don’t think they have any plans of going in the opposite direction from what I’ve seen and making survival elements more challenging or hard to obtain, if anything, they’ll be doing the exact opposite.

They also meant to keep the journey system completely optional as this is not a single player story game, so while you have some alternative new gear and a couple of niche placeables like the grindstone locked behind the journey, I would never expect to see them lock core skills like stone tools behind a journey. These are just not in line with the nature of the game and the direction they’ve been taking.

(Though all of these and more could be very easily made as part of a mod, since they made the journey system fairly easily moddable even to beginners.)

Yeah, I’m under no illusions that the game will move in this direction – mostly just articulating the kinds of things that I myself would like to see to make the journey step system more vital and realistic in terms of skill acquisition as well as rewards.

I’m not looking for a cookie-cutter game that works only for myself – but I do think that more customization features helps all of us in terms of our different play styles. So being to able to ramp up the survival elements if you want, or eliminate them if you want – is good for widening the player base – precisely because we all enjoy different things. I’m not super into the PvP side of it myself, but I do love the building side, the exploration side, and the survival elements (and the more realistic the customization options for the survival elements the better imho). But obviously for lots of players PvP is their main interest, and my suggestions here will likely be of less interest to those players.

The journey step system could still be completely optional but have better and more unique rewards attached to it – carrots for completing the steps, rather than sticks to punish non-completion. But I do like the idea of locking some key recipes within the system too. A lot of them are already locked with level requirements, AND with pre-requisite knowledge also being unlocked. That already exists in the game as part of the vanilla experience. My suggestion here was to simply extend some of those ideas to the journey system as well – but mostly with rewards being “extra” (non-essential, but nice) perks, recipes, etc.

Anyway, just brainstorming. I realize it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that Funcom has its own vision regardless of fan-base suggestions…! As for modding, I don’t really know the first thing about it. I wish I did!

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