Journey steps and ending

Game is past EA, released and selling DLCs for 2 years and no-one thought it might be nice if the journey ending is implemented properly?

  • Losing your character is not too bad, losing your slaves and bases are more painful but at least you can raid them etc i guess. livable.

  • Losing map markers is lame. As a player i’ve discovered those locations, shouldn’t need to get every character i make to go everywhere again

  • Losing journey steps is plain ridiculous. It is like i didn’t finish the game, i got progress wiped instead. How do i know i completed the last 2 steps, i believe discover all locations needs the escape location and of course the escape step resets itself once you escape?! How would you even know it registered?

  • The end boss not being implemented is very hard to believe and i didn’t till i experienced it for myself. You know it is not a spawn bug since you can make the keystone without the artifact you get from it and if you admin spawn him, he is one of the easiest things to slay. Clearly not finished.

  • What is wrong with a remove the bracelet but stay option, keeping all your hard work and switching from journey based goals to proper sandbox play where you make your own objectives once you finish the journey???

If this hasn’t been fixed for this long, i doubt it will be now, just had to get it out of my system, pretty rough for a completionist :frowning:


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