Jumping problem help please

I’m in the desert trying to jump to the large statues, I saw a video and a guy made it easily, but I cannot jump that far no matter what I do. How do you increase your jump distance?

Make sure you have your sprint active before trying to jump.

Some of the purchasable sprint vehicle/mounts have temporary boosts of speed that can be activated, but they are not necessary in order to access all areas required for missions and/or gathering Legends.

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I want to say those specific jumps are easier on a motorbike sprint because the hitbox is bigger but I might have dreamed that :v:


Right right. Bike or horse mount.

One weird trick with sprint is that they don’t actually increase your jump distance so you may find it easier with Sprint 1, cause you’re not going as fast and can hit jump closer to the edge. Any jump the game requires you to do can be done on sprint 1.

Other types of speed boost do increase jump distance though. Just one of those weird things.

So no one will tell me how it is done? I can’t even make it to the other ledge, but this guy went way past the ledge, there has to be something either wrong with my system, or there is a jump boost or something to jump further. I’ve tried the jump many many times and can’t make it to the ledge.

What do you mean? lol There are responses up there for help.

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I assume you are in the story mission that requires activation of the 6 statues in a particular order. I always screw that jump up a couple times but it’s possible. Try a lower sprint like Onevia suggested. You really want to time your jump right at the edge of the scaffold.

One other thing that helped me (I am awful at jumps) is I practice a few times before a jump to “remind my fingers” how keystroke order can change the different length of jumps.

  • Space then forward jumps you a short way.
  • Forward then space jumps you a longer way (like a momentum jump).
  • Weirdly, sometimes standing a tiny bit further back when starting a jump takes you further forward.
  • If the client/server is laggy, 9 times out of 10 I will run off of what I am trying to jump rather than actually jumping.

Thanks for the tips, but it is not possible for me to make that jump no matter how close I get to the edge sprinting or otherwise. I don’t know what you mean my change to lower sprint, I only have a toggle for sprint or no sprint. But I’ve tried it over 100 times and I can’t even come close to making it. Oh well, I guess I’m done with this game.

Shift+P brings up a window where you can change your sprint speed but it’s not really important (I do all the jumps in this video at sprint 6, but you’ll notice me slowing down as I jump because all sprints jump at the same speed). If you have a sprint that’s either a horse or bike, that’ll make the jump a little easier but the main tip I can give is look at the floor - it makes it way easier to tell when you should be pressing jump:

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Well stupid me. Sorry, I didn’t realize that climbing the ladder turned off the sprint and I was never trying the jump with sprint on. I got it now. Thanks for all the help.


I found that if I have Sprint on, back up a couple of steps from the edge, then hit up then space I was able to make the jump.