Jungle island bug xbox

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

The island that extends over P7 and P8 (the biggest one of the islands in the jungle) and the island at the bottom of P7 are bugged and more islands could be bugged. I decided I wanted to build a city on this big island and used 2400 t3 foundations worth of resources then died on the island and lost 700 foundations worth of resources because my body vanished, I tested it again and my body vanished again, I dropped an item and the loot bag fell straight through the map I tested this multiple times and had the same result, I tested this on the island on the island at the bottom of P7 and it happens when on the green, the beach was fine. I have spent days working towards this only for those days to go to waste because after all who wants to live on an island where if you die or drop something for another player you lose it instantly?? This needs fixed asap and any other build areas like it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to islands on P7 (one extends to P8)
  2. Remove bracelet and return to no body
  3. Drop an item
  4. Watch it fall through the map

Just an FYI, this does not only happen at that particular island in the jungle biome. Your body (and dropped loot) can also fall through the world inside the volcano, for example. (I also play on the XB1 so not sure if this is a console specific issue, but it’s definitely not location specific)

That’s happened to me when body vanishes but I log out and log back in and 90% of the time body reappears

Iv had my body etc disappear before on random occasions but I tested this on both islands multiple times and it happens every time 100%

On flat land such as the beach its fine but as soon as you go onto a slope it falls right through the map.

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