Jungle Lodge Creation!


Great work :smiley:

I believe I see stuff from Emberlight and Shadows of Skelos, but I cannot identify some other things. Which other mod did you use for placeables?

Wow. You get so many nice items on PC via mods which we do not recieve on consoles in the base version. Upright shelving, potted and hanging plants, a hotub, glass windows, a vanity mirror…sigh. I am envious right now.

Great work on your base Andralinde, it looks so nice.

Very nice - looks like the kinda stuff we create on our server. I like your style.

Thank you all very much for the compliments, sorry as a newer user it wouldn’t allow me to reply as I had been posting a lot of responses when the Patch went down and killed the game. But yes Skelos is in there as well as Emberlight, there is also some things from the RP mod that help to add a lot more placeables!