Just a few idea's for the game (staff probably won't acknowledge it but still)

Hey guys,

So here’s a few things you need to add/change/fix to make the game more stable as its getting stupid.

  1. Falling through the map when to far away from the leader of a game: This is just a stupid glitch especially when half the time it doesnt even respawn you it just continues to drop you out of the map after spawning you further away from the leader than you originally were.

  2. Add in a group feature: I’m not sure what you were thinking when you made the game and this wasnt a thing, being able to actually join up into groups and see each other on the map is pretty much a must for this type of the game.

  3. Toggleable nameplates so you can see people at range

  4. Placing waypoints on the map for clan members or group members

  5. Object interactions after they have already been placed returning them to inventory

  6. Rendering issues, sweeping the map of all tree’s and rocks making the player get stuck on objects they can’t see.

  7. Fixing stabilization when in boss fights, not rendering bosses attacks, killing players because of the lag