Just a reminder about lag, and what happens when it lags. :)

Okay… attack me for presenting a logical question…
And I threw it in because if nobody throws it in then this becomes mere cherry-picking…
How is this different then from all the other “I did nothing wrong and Funcom banned me” posts that we dismiss? What evidence or logical concept are we basing our cherry-picking on? Is it because this is dorpie and they cannot lie or mistake a Funcom judgment as being for another cause than it is?

If you can’t see the logic and the thought process behind that, then we have absolutely nothing to talk about here and it’s just an angry mob defending their friends pretty much…

In my opinion @Kikigirl if you indeed want to be the voice of change in this subject that you’ve been trying to be, then this would have been the opportunity to acknowledge that indeed that’s a fair point, however in your opinion and experience this is quite a realistic result and that you can vouch for dorpie.
That would’ve ensured that others along the way (including Funcom) won’t ask this very same question and dismiss this whole thread based on that… instead of attacking my post and criticizing my “forum contributions” for pointing out something logical and explaining it in a completely civilized manner… Not to mention that throughout the whole thing I mentioned several times that I personally DO believe this is how it happened.

No such thing occurred.

You didn’t have to. Everyone knows there’s unscrupulous individuals.

I do not know dorpie.

Then support dorpie instead of muddying the waters.

I’d like to make something clear.

Playing on Official PVP means that lag like this will happen.

I have been accused of hacking more than once for the very thing that dorpie got perma’d for.

I know people who have never hacked that were suspended for the same thing.

I have discouraged other players for reporting players FOR THIS because they do not understand that it IS NOT hacking.

I have attempted to educate people as much as I possibly can.

It is part of the problem with Funcom’s administration and implementation of Zendesk.

@dorpie was wrongfully banned.


In your opinion…

I did… if you check above I even tagged in relevant staff above so they can see it…
Just because I make a valid discussion point that you happen to not like does not mean I’m “muddying the waters”… so feel free to calm down…

My point is that you didn’t NEED to say any of it. We know there are people who do the very thing you suggested and ultimately his appeal will be the deciding factor, fair or not.

Instead it casts doubt on his claims, claims of which people that know and are experienced in are true.

I didn’t call you names or treated you poorly, I basically critiqued your recent contributions. I don’t think I am wrong and you’re now offended.


Okay then, I’m sorry…

I thought it better to bring it up, get it out of the way and handle it from an objective perspective rather than wait till someone else brings it up in a potentially worse manner :man_shrugging:

No, you just didn’t like a post I made so you immediately jumped at creating a strawman and criticizing ALL my ‘recent contributions’ in order to discredit me :man_shrugging:
And “offended” might not be the best word to describe it, partially yes… but it doesn’t quite cover it, although that part is offtopic so enough said about that…

In any case… good luck…


Absolutley true, but since this is the only one I could think off that was the reason I am pretty sure it’s this one, or atleast something looking the same that is caused by lag.

But I get what you mean. But I dont feel like it’s a coinsidence since he reported me and suddenly I got banned after he made a video about it.

But also I dont get why you bring this ■■■■ up? I just wanted to show that FC does wrong decisions. I have done a lot to help FC with bug reports and stuff. Im pretty sure my name is even known by some of them. I also sometimes stream my gameplay, just bad I didnt did it this time.


There actually is a good reason to bring it up, although I didn’t see that reason spelled out explicitly in @Xevyr’s post.

The reason is that it’s impossible to even try to appeal a ban with a reasonable degree of certainty, because Funcom never provides you with enough information about why you got suspended.

I mean, seriously, “use of unauthorized access to gain an advantage or to harm game play or service” is an extremely vague jumble of corpo-techno verbiage. You’re assuming it’s the accusatory video you linked, and it’s not a bad assumption, but for all you know, someone else might have accused you of hacking with some different evidence and you’re trying to defend yourself from an irrelevant accusation.

Again, please understand that I’m not attacking you or casting doubt on your claims. On the contrary, I’m pointing out that you’re in an even worse situation than what you’ve shown here, because Funcom’s procedures for resolving these issues are frustratingly bad.


Im not taking it offensive, but still I think Zendesk already have that in mind wich makes it pretty stupid.

Also I already clearified that it wont bother me much if they dont lift it. My main reason is to open peoples eyes especially those who are in a denial, that they do wrong decisions aswell.

If they dont lift it, it wont change alot. My life will go on anyway, and I have no problems getting another account if I wanted to play officials wich im not gonna do, since this is handled wrong.

I put out my POV, I got accused by hacking while you clearly see im not doing anything wierd.

And reason I know he reported me with that video as evidence, is because he told me.


To @Xevyr s point, one could also have a lag switch, and not necessarily true server lag. That is why they used the terms they (FC) did. It covers any possibility they used an outside program to achieve either a speed hack or lag switch. Again l, not saying this is the case. But tbh, i have played on a few populated officials and the only time I get full dips to single FPS is when someone is speed hacking or force lag switching on the server. Husy my point of view.


Thing is, in his pov he hides server fps and ping, in my video, I have the hud on. 400-500 ping 4-5 server fps. I didnt take it as an attack, just unneccesary, since funcom probably think the same.

Also lagswitch is different, I would lag but not him. His naked mate is also lagging from his pov. I just have invis roll bug wich I didnt even know I had.

Im pretty sure that’s not how they work. Speedhackers running around daily on officials. I got banned 1 or 2 days later, if they used something that would detect it like their anticheat, they would most likely ban me already after 1st days restart.

It’s strange that some get this message yet everyone I know gets the suspension message and months later still no accounts. It’s almost like they put some ppl on a suspension and then completely forget to give the account back.

You’re lagging… this is not the first time footage like this has been used against other players. Lagswitching and ddosing are key words that the devs look at but I don’t think they know how to differentiate between lag and cheating. Just another case of abuse imo. This company always delivers when it comes to just straight lacking.


Nope. It takes a while for the battlemetrics to catch it. Dont know why…
My clan and i have fought multiple esp speed hackers. And they will go weeks and then poof they are gone. And we didnt report. then the cycle starts again when they get an alt steam and new account. Keep an eye out for 123…Ids. They are the most notoriuos we have encountered.

Yes because then it’s not detected by Battleeye. Most likely someone reported them, and someone looked into it several weeks later.

Been reporting REAL speedhackers aswell with video evidence. And some of them took over a month.

I had one of those mostly because it’s old, and I didnt put any effort into making a change. I dont see them common to do something. New accounts, and names with wierd symbols are alot more common.



Also series of letters and numbers.

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I mean could be as someone said that there is a new guy that banned with lack of knowledge of the problems their servers have and how players behave during this.

But still I dont find it okey, because then they should not be sure, and not press the “ban button”. Instead look for further evidence.

I dont find it okey. Since then I could have reported several people that’s lagging and maybe some would get banned and some maybe dont. But then it become a freaking report party.

Also I may think now after I got banned people even would be able to edit videos so it looks likes people are using something. Not my case. But maybe others who knows, since we dont know what they really look at. If someone standing still and speeding up a video, would that be enough getting someone banned? Im not sure anymore.

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Sounds about right

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Português BR
Você estava conseguindo jogar com ping acima de 300ms? “Isso é o mesmo que jogar sujo” quando o ping está muito acima de 200ms seu frame cai a ponto de deixar todos os outros ver você se teleportando mas acho que você ja sabia que isso acontecia tanto que fica batendo no ar para ver se acerta. Lamento mas foi bem aplicado o BAN depois leia as regras do servidor oficial. Geralmente pessoal entra aqui para ficar reclamando mas olha você mesmo fez a prova contra si mesmo :face_with_monocle:

ehm, what? So because I played during the time server was full and had 300+ ping, I did wrong?
If your not allowed to play officials with over 300 ping no one should been able to play on officials.

He lagged for me aswell like I did for him. But if translator is correct, what you say is i am correctly banned because I decided to play when server had bad performance and was 40/40 players? I can promise you there wasnt a single player on that server with lower ping than 300. Interesting…