Just a thought about some bugs (Xbox stability issues)

I have very little understanding of programming and have no idea where to post this so if it is in the wrong place I am sorry.

I was thinking about the Xbox problems and remembering that they effected many pc gamers too. Then I remembered something interesting. Xbox is owned by Microsoft. The same company that owns windows. They likely use very similar if not the same os. Since most computers these days have some form of windows software and ps4 which is made by Sony is the only platform that didn’t experience these issues I was wondering if maybe this common link may have some contribution to the issues.

I am sure funcom has already thought about this but on the 1 in a million chance they haven’t I figured this info shouldn’t hurt. If this helps then I am glad but I am probably the last one to the party figuring this out.

Hey Berserk,

I have moved this thread to the General Discussions subforum, as it discusses solutions for an ongoing issue. Your thread will be seen regardless.

For more information on the Xbox issues, see this thread:

Thanks for helping put this in the right place.

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