Just Cause it Needs Saying Again - Decay System Needs User Pauses

There should be a cumulative decay timer that goes up the more you play/build, sort of like how you get more vacation time the more you work. Maybe have an upper limit of 4 weeks or something like that, but you can only get that by playing a lot or logging in regularly for a long time.


I’d be totally fine with this. I think part of the resistance to increasing the decay limit beyond 7 days is because of all the people who claim vast stretches of land and then only login for a few minutes every week to refresh before disappearing again. I think the feeling is that 7 day provides a decent chance of such slackers missing a refresh and giving others a chance to delete such garbage, whereas a longer time would virtually ensure they never run out of time.

However, if their max decay time decreased because they’re only playing 20 minutes a month, then that seems quite fair. At that point, they’re not playing the game, only denying opportunity to others.


Sure. As long as there’s some sort of buffer or “banking” involved so that when reality rears its ugly head (real life happens), it doesn’t immediately bite you in the butt.

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It’s a very different thing have to login and visit every block at least one time in a week or one time in almost a month.

What could decay just because the troll forgot to refresh will not decay if you do the trolls all this time to remember continuing trolling people even without play the game at all.

Looting decayed bases is the very foundation of a clan economy / gathering resources in PvE-Conflict.

They never come back yeah, that means in a week you can have 5-6 x 7 = circa 35-40 new shelters. 5-6 of them decay every day, but are replaced by new ones.

With this suggestion (21 days) it’s still true 5-6 shelters decay every day and will be replaced by new ones… but the average number of them will become 100-120 ! (5-6 x 21).

The problem is: if you apply a multipier to the current decay timer you’ll apply also to the number of bases being on the server.

For one people being an active and a “regular” player needs you’ll full the map with in any case abandoned useless ruins (because as I said and this will not change, only 5-6 per day of these are owned by people playing the game, the others are abandoned after the first day of play )

This will surely lead to several perfomance issues.

Yes, one allows you to have a life where things other than playing games happen, or (oh no!) take a vacation. The other doesn’t.

And all these new people who never played before but pop in for a day and manage to build such a large structure that it attains the full decay timer? Hmm. Well if you say so… I know achieving the 168 hour time is relatively easy, but they could just make attaining the longer timer correspondingly more difficult.

If the worry is “noob spam” I’m sure that could be solved (assuming it’s a problem at all).

Now that’s kind of an idea. What if there was a rare object you had to quest for in the game, one that took time to obtain and you could only have 1 of at a time. And this object would allow you to triple your decay timer, and then be used up.

I know that I’ll eventually fail to login for a week and all of my stuff will decay, and that will be the end of my time playing Conan Exiles for me. Simply because I don’t want to start all over.


It was referred to trolls/grifiers building blocks ! Oh I’m so sorry peoples having no other fun thing to do than ruin other players’s game want also to have a life ! :roll_eyes:

Last Xmas holydays the decay timer was raised to 2 weeks until Feb.

The server where I play was almost unplayable, all people on the server wanted it to be restored to one week.

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I guess that’s where we fundamentally disagree, then. You want to let trolls and griefers dictate how it should work.

I would rather make the game the best it can be for regular, non-troll players.

Sure, and I’ve played through all the holidays too (none of which coincided with actual holidays for me, as it happens) and I noticed no problems whatsoever at that time. But we can trade anecdotes all day, it doesn’t really matter, since they’re bound to be outdated either way. As I said previously (a point you chose to ignore) the game has gone through many performance upgrades in recent months.

Because to ignore a problem do not solve it at all.

Official servers are free, so it’s obvious FC will never be able to provide us GMs like in morpg games.

This means: or game mechanics help us in fighting them or the game will die.

21 days decay timer do not help us at all, it will help them.

Indeed ignoring a problem will not solve it. Though apparently it’s perfectly fine to ignore the problem that people leave the game because it becomes more effort than any game is worth when real life happens? The trolls don’t buy DLC, don’t participate in the community and generally don’t bring anything positive to the table - so why you want to accomodate them is beyond me. By your logic there shouldn’t be a game at all, because it benefits trolls for there to be a game to troll in? Yes, that is a bit of an absurd argument, but it does seem to be what you’re saying, taken to an extreme.

I simply refuse to believe that someone who’s dedicated enough to log in and refresh their troll structure every seven days will not also do so on a longer timer. But if that longer timer had to be earned, and couldn’t be held by just logging in for two minutes once per week… maybe you had the beginnings of a solution?

It doesn’t have to be “everything the exact same as today but x3”.

Well yeah, I think that’s implied (if not flat-out stated) in saying:

But yes, I agree that if you’re involved and active over the course of a few months, you should be allowed to trigger a rest period that exceeds the normal decay time and use some of the vaction time you’ve banked. Yet if your clan has negligible activity because all you do is refresh, then that bank should deplete and even the max decay time decrease as well.

A millennia ago, back when I used to run a gaming league for Unreal Tournament, we actually had a system like this specifically to allow for real-life to happen without ruining a clan’s standings. You could only take rest once a quarter or so, and if you were in the top-5 you’d be dropped to rank #6, but it was better than reseting folks to the bottom of the ladder because they needed a 2 week breather because people were on vacation.

While we don’t have quite the same ladder or ranking system here, that same human need still exists.


No, in fact, decay should be sped up and have the mechanic changed to require some sort of active maintenance. Even if it’s something as simple as a mechanic like the TC in Rust where you have to have materials in the chest to auto repair the base.

I constantly see bases that are abandoned and/or the users no longer play on the server or haven’t logged in in a week or more.

It sucks for the casual player, of which I am… I play for a few weeks then usually get bored, but the decay system is too weak as it is. Besides, “pausing” it adds to many opportunities for people too take advantage of it

I’ve just tested this, it works perfectly to refresh your decay via a cell phone.

What I used:
DD-WRT router firmware
Android app “DD-WRT Companion”
Android app “Chrome Remote Desktop”
Android app “Steam Link (BETA)”

On my cell phone via mobile data, I was able to wake my computer from sleep via DD-WRT Companion, then launch into Chrome Remote Desktop to open Steam, and then connect to steam via the Steam Link app and launch Conan and play from my Android OS phone.

Steam Link is not absolutely required but basically it just uses ‘The Big Picture’ feature automatically so you can use a GUI controller. I would just suggest using this to make the whole experience easier/quicker.


Edit: I don’t like to keep my computer awake if i’m not home. This is why I do it this way. But it needs to be in sleep/hibernate and not shut down – for the above to work.


I don’t know if it is a miserunderstanding or what.

But it’s the suggestion of a 21 days decay timers that is accomodating trolls and girefers ! Not me at all.

You don’t hink a people who could forget to refresh a weekly decay timer on a troll-block can refresh it in 21 days, wich is easier ? Well instead I think yes they can.

Why I don’t want to accomodate other peoples ?

Because peoples who don’t have a 2-3 weeks vacation in years or they never had one so long in their lifes also have rights and play this game, and in a public server playing in 2-3 weeks these peoples play an average 80-100 hrs and it’s their right to loot bases (if PvE-Conflict) or just take lands of the ones who do not played all this time !

I am honestly not sure what point you’re trying to make any more, but I think I’ve made mine pretty clear, so I’ll refrain from further repeating myself.

The point is pretty clear even with my english I think:

An active player in 21 days plays an average 80-100 hrs, so it has the right to loot (in PvE-Conflcit) and/or just (in PvE) takes lands of the ones who didn’t played this time.

There are tons of solutions without changing decays timers if a player has to be absent for 3 weeks.

Changing decay timers will be a gift to girefers and not more.

Yeah, no, I disagree. Playing more already gives you massive advantages over those able to play less in terms of material gathering, crafting etc, you don’t need to be given their lands via an unrelated game mechanic too.

I totally disagree.

PvE-Conflict clans gathering resources is BASED upon looting decayed bases.

It’s still a war for dominance between clans. It’s a totally intended game mechanics.

What’s it’s not intended is an Alpha clan being able to mantain its status and all its things with just 18 logins for a total (with an average 5 mins to refresh all decay timers) 1h:30’ of play in a year !

Wich is what will be possible with a 21 days decay timer.

Are you even reading any of the suggestions, or just auto-replying with “21 days bad” now?

I had until now to retain myself from asking you the same thing, because honestly in your reply to me I read your point of view, not even a word to confute my arguments with something different from “21 days will be cool, who cares of problems it will have”