Just curious about torches

Just curious why I can’t put the reinforcement kits on the torches like I used to is this a bug or a patch to not make them last as long??

It was patched out.

It was done in the last update. The ones with kits on them already still exist. But you can’t add it any longer.

So this was an intentional change?


Boooooo. I saw the original thread but didn’t see the follow up where Ignasis stayed the change was intentional. I don’t understand why this change was necessary, but this isn’t the first time that’s happened in this game.

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It wouldn’t let me copy it as a quote for some reason…but. He did state it here:image

May I join you in your booing just briefly helium3? :laughing: I discovered this first hand myself recently. It is such a benign yet beneficial little ability. I genuinely dont understand why they would want to patch it out…

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