Just curious about where the forum lies as far as platform

Just curious where the community plays. If you play on multiple, choose the one you consider your main platform.

  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBOX

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Between my toons on the PS4 I’ve got maybe 560 hours. I can definitely see this title becoming a chill in the Game Room vibe, at which point PC would lose its dominance. I’ve got 4,386 on the PC with Barnes, and a measly 97.1 hours for the past two weeks.

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Be neat to have a follow up poll asking what game types folks on each platform primarily play too. i.e. pvp, pve-c, pve, rp, and whether on official or private.

yeah, a sort of survey for where the community on the forums leans, or at least those that respond.

If one were so inclined the Steam information is fairly easy to collect at regular intervals. Knowing me after this time and then observing that data, you’d no doubt understand why I have a near-reverential regard for PvE. :nerd_face:

Most of Ps4 user I knew that played don’t after a few patches basiclly broke game. PC user have been abit luckier on that. I assume thats were most of Community is.

I kinda stop posting as much cause ps4 section kinda died off for abit.

I’ll be here long to come… maybe one day will be last ps4 user. XD (and still asking for my japanese short hair style…lol)

IMO, this is because they are trying to add and fix all the different lanes at once. Hence my post of pick a lane, and perfect it. They can continue to be a jack of all trades,and a master of none. Or in baseball terms, the 5 tool player (speed, power, hitting for average, fielding and arm strength) is the best bang for your buck when building a team, but no one pays to see a game about bunts, steals, and solid defense. The pay to see strike outs and home runs.

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Nah, not about lanes. Its about lack of proper Ps4 support and breaking something as stupid as turning build-ables and punching and taking 3+ months to fix it.

This isn’t several things are broken cause there doing to much. Its breaking 1 thing… and taking forever to adjust it on consoles.

Its often something silly and stupid thats drove people away on ps4.

From my understanding, Funcom doesnt have Ps4 dev kits. So were getting semi blind patches. Or just really lazy tested work.

Most people I know are happy with all elements, just not the game breaking issues that seem get past testing. It took me no more then min to figure something was broken with building.

Something very clear that should never have made it out of test phase to live.

I think thats my biggest issue. Just stuff that shouldnt be going to Live Game, does… even after being reported early in PC beta. When abunch of people got stuck in Passage… it was just a clear /facepalm.

PC user get very quick patches, but on consoles… we wait for certifaction for weeks… only to get something that breaks something.
Most of people I knew who played just gave up on some of issue being ironed out.

I don’t really blame multiply roads… Just lack of staff and test teams Funcom can put on game.

Then again… I can point finger at bethsda, who has droves of people…and still hand out broken trash with less options.

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I play on PC. The advantage of this platform for me is basically the modder community. If it wasn’t for them and their work, my gameplay with CE would have been over a long time ago. Might be that one of the aspects I enjoy most is rp, and the basic game is dull in that field, lacking the content mods provide for it. I am still amazed people go play in non moderated servers (officials), ever since early access I’ve played in privates and never crossed my mind to step in an official, and I mean never, not even tried.

It would also be interesting to know how is the player base rate between officials and privates.


Private! (and modded) :slight_smile:

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A very simple, yet interesting topic. Nice job @WhatMightHaveBeen.

I am on ps4, as I am fairy behind the times with technology. Better if I just keep it simple. If I tried to play on PC I would probably either factory preset the thing, or download a bunch of viruses.

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Quality assurance is a tedious and expensive task. It’s way cheaper to let the customers do it.

That is why early access exists, and it’s a good thing!.

I tend to lean on consoles, as my job is mouse and board too much as it is.

Understandable. I can see how it could detract from your playing fun. On an unrelated note, where are all of our Xbox1 players…!?

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