Just finished my first solo purge

It was just a lvl 1 purge but after reading about some struggles others were having, I almost postponed summoning a purge until updates were made.
But I just couldn’t help myself…I modeled my purge base after a design I saw online and I really just wanted to see how it would hold up…and it was all good.
I had 3 Golems with mixed parts, a cauldron thrall, and 4 Archers with gas arrows. The purge didn’t even knock down my front door.
In the end I got Isaac, a barkeeper, and a burning cauldron. I feel like I faired well for a lvl 1 on Official.
Just wanted to share my experience… maybe someone is debating on summoning a purge, because of the various issues.


I am glad you had a nice experience of it. :blush:
Thank you for sharing.


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