Just launched! Idol Wars - Custom 'Capture the Flag' mechanic built in - PVP 24/7 + Raid Tues/Fri, Exiled Lands

Trying to capture the feel of an official PVP Exiled Lands server + a custom ‘capture the flag (idol)’ mechanic for clans to battle control over. Hold onto the idol (flag) and earn clan points and other rewards over time! …or just play on a pvp Exiled lands server like you normally would on Officials (except without cheaters) :slight_smile:

*XP x2 / Harvest x3

*PVP 24/7

*Raiding Tues/Fri (7-10pm Eastern Time Tues, 7-midngiht Fri)

*No character transfers, ever

*No avatars (gods disabled)

*Max clan size: 3

Discord: Idol Wars