Just saw a clip introducing Farrow!

I don’t know what else to say, the first can’t get here soon enough! It’s like Christmas is coming 24 days early this year!


Well we can’t speed up time…or can we? The Early access will go live on the 30. of Nov. Friday evening Euro time!


Jeez, you guys must have Awesome as your mutant power there at FunCom.

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She looks great. But I am a little bummed that she has the wings of Dux and the leap of Selma. Just makes her seem/fell not as unique. And same for Dux and Selma now there mutations are just meh if another squad member can have the same options. But don’t get me wrong death from above with a Fox and Duck, I am all in. But she should have had a shadow mist form or some sort of shade step.

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Her Sneak ability is sort of a Shade Step, as it lets her remain hidden when moving from cover to cover. Couple that with Silent Assassin and Selma is super deadly! :smile:

Nice to see a new face :smiley:

Will be interesting to see if any Scottish Rubbits have made it as far South as where the Ark is.

(Rubbit - Imagine a fairly technologically savvy community of large rabbits with machine guns and fanatical hatred of non-vegans)

I was hoping it’d only be the three musketeers! That way the devs could spend more time focusing on the plot of the three, and incorporate more interactions between them and strengthen character development. Still open to Farrow though. She looks like a total badass. I’d second Dux when they say the 1st couldn’t come sooner. I’m counting down the hours :clock2:

Does it means that i can enjoy that game even today?

All PC pre-orders will get access tonight at 6pm CET :slight_smile:


What time is that in New York?

I just did a google search for 6pm cet to pst and it is 9 am pacific time according to google you est 3 hours time zone difference should be noon time?

It’s a 6 hour time difference between CET and EST:


I do believe that is the link I used when I did my conversion for pacific time zone. This thread made my morning as I just purchased the game from the website before I seen I could pre-order it on steam. so I am currently waiting for the email with the steam code myself. I have been watching and waiting for this game for a few months now. So hyped it’s finally here :slight_smile:

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