Just saw the Cats trailer, and it got me to thinking. Now just hear me out

So, just finished watching the Cats trailer, and my initial reaction was wishing I’d chosen to instead try and re-circumcise myself with a blunt rock. However, somewhere in that tempest of horror and anguish as I felt my eyes being an unwanted gateway to my soul, I was given a vision of suffering and pain unimagened since the last cataclysm.

Sexy tiny anthropomorphic cat thralls… that dance and sing, and bring your character dead animals they asphyxiated. Can be a holiday event… maybe mix it with an ugly Christmas sweater contest or something.

Dude, I think that trailer damaged your sanity… The “Cats” in that trailer looked like something that crawled out of Cthulhu’s armpit. (Does Cthulhu even have armpits? GAH!)

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He has armpits, within armpits…

Haha what’s the big deal with the new Cats movie? Granted it’s weird, but there is definitely worse. I would watch it, looks very well made. One of the cats kind of looks like Gary Oldman as old man Dracula though.

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