Just some hard to find positivity

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My these forums have gotten rather ugly in the last few days/weeks. Granted, I have only been using them a small time but just wow.

So at risk of drawing undue ire…(ahem)…Despite all that has recently occurred, across multiple platforms that I use, I am still a fan of this game. I still have faith Funcom is doing everything within their power to resolve these issues. I still believe this game has a very long future with a very passionate fan base that would like it continue on.

Disagree if you wish but these threads need something nice these days.


Agreed most ppl do love this game and consequently show how passionate they truly are. I will leave it at that!


I got my first Sword of Crom drop yesterday. Happy times!

I gave it to my faithful companion Thugra. I have promised my followers that if they help me get a good legendary, they can keep it, so it’s his now. We also got a Black Feather Helmet, so I gave it to him, too.

My Single-Player game is running without any issues.


Grats @Kapoteeni about time you got your sword. Not sure what the Helm is about, I’ll find it in time! I have been playing since June 2018, just got Last Breath torch and her sword as well. :slight_smile:

He is playing single player… I use since 1.5 months only T4 beares and they still make enough dmg. When I want to make UC or dungeon runs, then yeah, i will switch to my lvl20 high end thralls as it is way faster and I dont have never-ending time to play this game.

Thats why people still want and care about “OP” thralls. If you need to farm for enough things, you want to reduce the time it takes. Simple as that.

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yeah i didnt see he spoke of single player…moving on…nothing to see here hehehe

Yeah, I’m collecting a full set of named low-tier fighters and archers and train one or two per Faction to level 20. This is partly for fun (which is why we all play, right?) and partly for science (which is why we all should play), to see how useful/useless lower-level thralls are because not everyone starts the game at level 60 with flawless epics and may need to play with lower-level stuff for some time.

I recently completed my collection of non-Purge Exile thralls, including the Chosen of Asura. I have all fighting Darfari (missing one cook), and I’ll start working on the Black Hand soon.

I never really got into Pokémon so I’ll just play the adult version on Conan Exiles.

For whatever reasons, Black hand at the Black galleon have an even worse % chance to spawn, then other factions…
I miss 2 armorers (non purge) in the game. Chieftain Aslaug, which is really hard as Chieftain can be anything and % is very low + Shendelzare (black hand).

I even managed to get a T4 Derketo Priest after 1.5 week killing their camp…


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