Just something to remember...a mouse is not a lion

Let’s suspend, for a moment, issues that are persistent. Issues that some users have been plagued with. Let us focus solely on the most recent round of issues.

The PS4 servers all magically vanished one day. A complete mystery to us, the consumers, and to Funcom who tore apart their system to find the issue. If some of you missed it, the problem (whatever it was, I still have not seen any official release) turned out to be on Sony’s end.

Sony, as we all know, is a massive corporation with, I’d imagine, some seriously deep pockets and a talent pool to match. It still took them a few days to fix it on their end. Now Funcom, which has far less resources and, again assuming, a much smaller pool of workers, needs to play catch-up. On top of whatever Sony did that Funcom would have to figure out how to integrate, they were already attempting to fix existing problems. I’m no coder…but that sounds like a big mess and you only have a paint brush.

A mouse is not a lion.




Well, it would appear I have been corrected. :smiley:


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