Just wanted to help those that may be new

spoiler alert, as these are all the journey steops and what they teach. I see a lot of posts that CE does not do a good job of giving info on what to do. But after looking over the journey steps, i think it actually does. It does it without telling all the tips and tricks. It points you in the right direction as you reveal the chapters. The tips and tricks
you have to learn on your own, or from other players.

step title tutorial reason
1.1 Dodge defense
1.1 Climb travel
1.2 Drink health
1.3 Eat health
1.4 Use a bed or bedroll save points
1.5 Clothe yourself defense
1.6 Slay! offense
1.7 Craft a tool gathering
1.8 Find signs of intelligent life story
1.9 Kick offense
2.1 Spend Knowledge Points character
2.1 Block an attack defense
2.2 Get a dedicated weapon offense
2.3 Eat a filling meal health
2.4 Find shelter building
2.5 Perform a Heavy Finisher with a weapon offense
2.6 Use a Torch travel
2.7 Scout an Exile Camp enemies
2.8 Store goods building
2.9 Create a home building
3.1 Equip a piece of light armor defense
3.1 Use a pick to gather bark from trees gathering
3.2 Use a skinning dagger to skin an animal gathering
3.3 Scout a Darfari camp enemies
3.4 Obtain an iron bar gathering
3.5 Find somebody to talk to story
3.6 Shoot an enemy offense
3.7 Venerate the gods gods
3.8 Get a Head gathering
3.9 Throw an Orb offense
4.1 Earn a perk character
4.1 Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain crafting
4.2 Sleep in a bed save points
4.3 Craft an iron tool gathering
4.4 Obtain a potion health
4.5 Show your religious zeal gods
4.6 Mine all the iron in a node gathering
4.7 Dye an item character
4.8 Catch a fish gathering
4.9 Plant seeds crafting
5.1 Climb the Tower of Bats story
5.1 Craft an exceptional or flawless item crafting
5.2 Destroy the Abyssal Remnant story
5.3 Upgrade a building piece building
5.4 Obtain the head of a boss creature gathering
5.5 Ride an elevator building
5.6 Scout a Black Hand camp enemies
5.7 Decorate yourself with warpaint character
5.8 Fire a trebuchet offense
5.9 Combine orb effects offense
6.1 Use an explosive offense
6.1 Make an enemy bleed offense
6.2 Modify a weapon offense
6.3 Scout a Dogs of the Desert camp enemies
6.4 Lure an enemy into a trap offense
6.5 Modify a piece of armor crafting
6.6 Squish something in a fluid press gathering
6.7 Drink water from a well health
6.8 Cripple an enemy offense
6.9 Sunder an enemy offense
7.1 Cleanse corruption by watching an entertainer health
7.1 Survive a sandstorm outside of shelter travel
7.2 Explore the Unnamed City story
7.3 Survive a Purge enemies
7.4 Destroy a Dragon enemies
7.5 Visit Sepermeru story
7.6 Attune an Obelisk travel
7.7 Create a map-room travel
7.8 Recruit a unique thrall gathering
7.9 Equip a Raider Armor Piece defense
8.1 Visit New Asagard story
8.1 Discover what haunts the Sanctuary Ruins story
8.2 Defeat the Kinscourge story
8.3 Get extremely drunk character
8.4 Enter the Palace of the Witch Queen story
8.5 Drink the Yellow Lotus Potion character
8.6 Harvest the Black Lotus Blossom gathering
8.7 Discover all the Lemurian Lorestones story
8.8 Harvest a fallen star for ore gathering
8.9 Build or Upgrade your building to the highest tier crafting
9.1 Visit the Mounds of the Dead story
9.1 Discover all the Giant-king obelisks travel
9.2 Defeat the Barrow King story
9.3 Obtain a Black Ice Weapon offense
9.4 Buff yourself with Warpaint character
9.5 Summon Witchfire gathering
9.6 Pour Boiling Oil from a Siege Cauldron offense
9.7 Maintain normal temperature in the most Extreme Cold travel
9.8 Defeat Hrugnir of the Frost story
9.9 Equip a Nordheimer Armor Set defense
10.1 Find a Legendary weapon offense
10.1 Escape the Exiled Lands story
10.2 Destroy whatever dwells at the heart of the Volcano story
10.3 Obtain an Obsidian Weapon offense
10.4 Create a Master Workstation crafting
10.5 Summon the Avatar of a God gods
10.6 Explore the entire Exiled Lands story
10.7 Equip an Epic Armor Set defense
10.8 Survive the heat of the volcano travel
10.9 Defeat the Mummy of the Ring story


Good stuff.

For new players looking to level fast, I would copy/paste that list and divide/sort it by:

a) things you can do without building a thing, just running places (ex: dodge, visit unnamed city. learn which things will drop dye, warpaints, and armor/weapons, orbs. hit up others bases for things like altars, elevators, wells, and fishtraps)

b) things you can do right away when building a base (store stuff in a box, make light armor)

c) things you can aim for doing soon after (craft exceptional, blow something up)

d) things that you’ll do too late to make any difference (avatar, escape, etc)

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