Just when I think I would get burned out by grinding just 1 Dungeon

I still come back like nothing. Been doing Pillars non stop (except when I get lucky with rf) for the last month. Most people would get burned out. Certainly I would burn out if I played WoW. How’s it so? I feel like this is one of the few MMOs which don’t feel punishing for grinding. My grind picked up pace when I found out Pillars can be reset, which is kinda sad because I wasted a lot of potential time, but gives me hope to speed up even further. In WoW such grind burns out fast, here, I’m on 90th run and I am still going! Anyone else feel like this game is grindable without getting bored?

Man, I still feel gutted by the fact that my helmet has yet to drop

Funcom, can you just send this guy his helmet via in game mail so he can move on :slight_smile:


Man I wish haha. Won’t happen tho. GMs don’t even want to talk about loot tables lol

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