Karmic effect should NOT be removed

The effect is in no way OP, gamebreaking or taking advantage of a gameflaw, it makes sense as part of gameplay and helps many people keep playing and having fun

I truly hope this ends up staying in the game, as apparently the majority of people wants the Karmic effect to stay


Please vote !




Thank you so much for linking this to me, man

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Keep the Karmic effect. Do not understand why this needs to be removed.

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IgnasisCommunity Support


Hey there,

There’s going to be some tweaks in regards to the Karmic effect change in a future iteration of the 2.2 Testlive build.
Regarding the other so-called stealth nerfs, they have been confirmed as bugs multiple times, and they are being addressed as well.
Thanks for the feedback sent in a constructive way.

In that Thread you have your answer.

Hey there,

Balance changes to this effect have been reverted in the newest Testlive version until we evaluate better ways to balance it:

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