Katana does too much damage

Currently, the Last Stand perk will help against the Katana.

If you change the damage to be only 1 instance, 20 Grit will help, but Last Stand will not anymore.

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It does, so I guess that’s something to try whether it actually reaches that and how much is that enough for, though spears do have quite a long range that goes way past the physical size of the weapon (as do other weapons, just not as much)
Edit: Sorry, no it doesn’t that’s a Max node!! so it sets a MINIMUM reach of 100 :slight_smile: (probably to prevent weapons not hitting at all due to being too small like daggers and creature attacks where the weapon doesn’t have a size)
So that’s the calculation result for a spear:

In either case that’s offtopic and I was thinking of deleting that post as it’s kind of a low blow, though it wasn’t unprovoked :slight_smile:

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I think we all know FC is incapable of this.

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The did pretty good with the horse/lance changes, though. They’re not useless, but not OP either. They’re just another tool in your kit, and I appreciate that

This is the perfect example of a solution looking for a problem. The Katana has had this attack since it was added the game. What changed?

The OP found it and thinks its a problem, that is all. Sadly it took them years to do so.

How much you all want to bet they make another thread about shortswords once they find out about their special attack?

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Try shield against katana…but I think you already knew about this.


suspecting? sure…and also tons of false / exaggerated statement and like what? 5 more related topics?

FYI they don’t.

Yep and Davey here is well aware of this.
At this point, this is not a request for balance but a cry til they nerf strategy to cancel the weapon.

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Lol. This starts to look like when people wanted horse nerf. People refused to see that it was a problem. And now the same with katana.

And also probably not even playing PVP servers either, and only use it for PVE.

One of the reason that I have no bias against either katana or spear nor mindset that any disagreement = hostile, like you.

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If Katana is OP or “Meta”, use it… If horse is OP, ride. If… adapt.

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What PVP server has people running around in agility katana builds and not strength spear builds? And if there is one, why did it take them four years to do so?

If katanas just became the new meta, then PVPers are dumbest of all Conan Exiles players. They are NOT going to be able to live this one down.

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So you consider people dumb if they use spear?

Spear is still one of the best weapons, doesnt matter how much they tried to nerf it. Like it or not. But that’s how it is. I would love too see you show the opposite, but I doubt you can.

Katana is just broken with the damage that’s it. I wouldnt care if it had 2-300 damage in the charge. But ~700 dmg or more is way to high for 1 attack. When other full combos is that amount or even less.

You took FOUR years to figure out the attack of the Katana. Yes that’s dumb. Period.

You are four years behind the general community guy.

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People cried over spear did to much damage 3 years ago and it was considered OP. Now there is weapons that does x3 the damage in one attack and people thinks it’s fine. It’s a completely joke lol.

Did it take me 4 years tho? Not really. I am probably more ahead than majority of the players here from what I’ve experienced.:rofl:

It’s pretty dumb too keep debating about spear isnt the top weapon lol.

Yeah it did. FFS it was even in 1.28’s patch notes:

  • Katana dash-attacks can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. This means you can use it as an opener, a link or a finisher and combine it freely with any of the light attacks.

This thread is an utter joke. :rofl:

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Was the kind of damage they’re reporting possible prior to 3.0?

I’ve done 1200 damage with a Katana prior to Siptah (2.0). You can’t do that now.

Interesting. So they really just were slaves to the “meta” without actually doing their own investigation?

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In this case they didn’t even read the patch notes.

But in either case, the attack in question is pretty unreliable in most situations, which is why I don’t use it. Its great for clearing out a large pull in New Asgarath and getting a giggle, but not much else. Or as a nasty surprise to someone who doesn’t know it exists. A single bit of damage is going to interrupt the combo, which is why I don’t use the weapon myself anymore.